Nov 17, 2016

Fly Fishing For Steelhead - Sandy River Lodge - Alaska

Our needs/wants are simple, hook a fish and hopefully land it 

 Then we want a fish with size 

 Chromer, yeah we want a hot chrome rocket of a fish 

 A wild fish would be very cool as well 

 Not to be greedy, but more action could be fun…

Low angling pressure where the fish move to the fly, finally! 

 Fishing on a wild river with no dams, logging, mining or roads. 

 How about all of the above and maybe a fish fresh out of the ocean with sea lice? 

 I fished that place the last week of September this year, the Sandy River on the Aleutian Peninsula in Alaska. It was the best fishing I had since the Dean and the 80’s in Oregon. It was so fun and special. Yes, we got lucky with the weather. 

There is a wide range of water types to swing. These range from the head of the run the break, bouncy glides, cut banks, the rare rocky patches, slots, the ends of gravel bars and a variety of tailouts. 

The wading is typical Alaskan, easy with mostly gravel to small coble bottom. The Rio MOW tips used ranged for 5/5 T-11 to 10’ of T-14. I fished a floater with a skater but could not tease one up. A reason to return. 

Fishing is accessed by jet boat and is all wading. The guides are very experienced and each fishy in a different way. * Do you want me to name? 

 Accommodations are cabins and the main lodge. They are comfortable and warm. Fresh food is flown in each week. The meals were special, way more than fuel for fishing. 

The logistics of a weekly charter flight direct to the lodge on a Pilatus from Anchorage make this trip possible and safe. 
The Sandy River Lodge takes 6 anglers per week for the 5 week steelhead season which is the last week of September through October. There is also a King season that runs June into the first week of July, fishing 10 anglers per week. The rate is $7600 per angler, with the first week $6900 per angler. This price includes the RT charter from Anchorage. 

You can email or call me for additional information, to talk gear or to reserve a spot. Go wild! 

Jerry Swanson
Fish Head Expeditions, LLC


"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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