Nov 29, 2016

Dan Gordon Retires from Gorge Fly Shop

Dan Gordon with his son, Ryan

After more than 17 years of working for Travis at the Gorge Fly Shop Dan Gordon is retiring!

Years ago, Dan retired from his career in communications leading him and his wife Wanita to move from Alaska back to their home state of Washington. Dan is not the type of person to go idle into retirement. He has always possessed strong work ethics and naturally desired to go above and beyond the call of duty. Once settled Dan sought out his next career. He found that career with Gorge Fly Shop. Dan has always loved the outdoors and fishing so working alongside Travis at the fly shop was a perfect match. He brought a wealth of knowledge, support, reliability along with a hard working attitude. 

Over the years Dan and Travis built a great working relationship that turned into more of a father son relationship that will always be priceless. Words cannot express how thankful we all are for everything Dan has done. We are truly blessed that he has been a part of our lives. His jokes, hard work and dedication will greatly be missed. 

GFS Cigar Enthusiast with Charlie Chambers
Dan, may your retirement be filled with many more adventures with the ones you love. May they be meaningful and bring you much happiness. 

From all of us at the Gorge Fly Shop,

Thank You,
Enjoy your retirement!

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