Nov 19, 2014

Jurassic Lake! (Estancia Laguna VerdeEstancia Laguna Verde)

Freakishly huge trout!

flies, nymphs, streamers
and yes even dries!

There is a lake in southern Argentina called Lake Strobel. It has been dubbed "Jurassic Lake", but it is really “slab city”. It has freakishly huge trout as does the river that feeds into it. Imagine catching 5 to 10 lb fish as an average, with the possibility of a trout over 20lbs! These trout got big by eating a lot and often. They do eat flies, nymphs, streamers and yes, even dries.

The lake and the Barrancoso River is located on part of Estancia Laguna Verde. They have very comfortable accommodations for 6 anglers at their lodge. Each two anglers share a room with a private bath. The food and hospitality are first class.

Estancia Laguna
Estancia Laguna Verde - Jurassic Lake!

Access to the lake is by 4 wheelers. The wind can blow but the trout still eat. There are 15 total lakes on the estancia, but they fish 5 of them.

Adventure starts here!
You can fly to Argentina to fish here for a week or work it in with Tierra del Fuego Sea Run Browns, Patagoina trout or the northern Golden Dorado. There is the option of a shorter week to match up with other travel. It is lake and river fishing like none other. Leave your 6x at home.

Food fit for a King

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Nov 17, 2014

Weekly Fishing Reports (November 16th)

Visiting the Gorge or surrounding rivers? Check out the Gorge Fly Shop's Weekly Fishing Reports Page for local and surrounding lakes and rivers including the Deschutes, Klickitat the Hood, Lost Lake and surrounding bodies of water.

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Nov 15, 2014

Korkers Bison Mocs - A step above the herd

American Bison Leather

My grandmother always told me...
Keep my head, hands and feet warm and the body will take care of the rest. This is also the same grandmother who crochet slipper booties every year for Christmas ranging in a variety of colors and sizes, some years much larger or even smaller than the previous year.

Korkers Bison Mocs
Join the Bison Foot Patrol
For some time now I've day dreamt about owning a pair of nice slippers or mocs - nothing over the top but wanted to be satisfied, maybe even proud to own. As I get older I find myself appreciating the little things (even more). Good whiskey, a great bed and comfortable footwear stand out. For years i've bounced around cheap (and by cheap I imply poorly made, uncomfortable) pairs of slippers but have always had buyers remorse shortly after, always breaking down way too soon. This year, preparing for elk camp I imagined wearing a comfortable warm pair of footwear. The idea of walking outside around the campfire with ease and confidence after a long day walking in the woods sounded nice, this same idea carried over into a day on the water fishing.

The Korkers Bison Mocs came to mind!
Korkers Bison Mocs - Bison Leather
Real life buffalo not included

I mostly work from home so I rarely put on shoes unless I know I'll be leaving the house, but taking the trash out or doing odd jobs around the house its always nice to have something on, as winter creeps closer the thought of warm feet is all the more appealing. These Bison Mocs are easy on, easy off utilizing a V shaped elastic nylon split on the inside of each shoe. I have been putting these mocs through the ringer for the last couple of weeks in ranging temperatures both indoor and outdoors. If I had to give these Korkers Bison Mocs one word, "TOASTY" comes to mind, and this time of year that's ok with me.

Kling-On Sole with Jute
No i'm not talking about a Star Trek convention but these limited edition bison mocs do come with the well known Kling-On® sole, pressed with jute outsole providing extra traction and confidence in your step that most slippers/mocs don't even come close to.

Korkers Bison Mocs - Bison Leather
Comfort meets style
Cork footbed - American Leather
This is actually my first pair of footwear with a cork footbed. At first I was uncertain but after trying them on that uncertainty was short lived. Combined with Premium Leather American Bison that is surprisingly soft to the touch but the result makes for comfortable and warm feet. Did I say comfortable, I meant wow! These shoes are surprisingly comfortable walking outside on concrete and make some of my other newish name brand shoes look bad, and cheap.

Korkers Bison Moc video from the Gorge Fly Shop

Slide in and relax - Korkers Bison Moc

  • Limited edition numbered series to 500. 
  • Premium leather American Bison. 
  • Comfort moisture-wicking shearling lining, anti-microbial EVA foam w/cork footbed. 
  • Sole Kling-On® pressed with jute outsole.

In short, I am a proud owner of a limited run Korkers American Bison leather Moc that is very comfortable, great to walk in even without socks keeping my feet warm - "toasty" warm. - Thanks Nick


Gorge Fly Shop - Webmaster

"Durable enough for camp, comfortable enough for hanging out at the lodge."
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*comes in a nice box.

Nov 13, 2014

Active Advisory: Winter Storm Warning (Shipping)

Yes, we are open.

November 13th, 2014

From all of us here at the Gorge Fly Shop we hope you stay safe while driving. Hood River has an active Winter Storm Warning. Currently your online orders are being fulfilled, packaged and ready for shipping but we wanted to take this time and inform you there could be a delay with UPS or USPS picking up packages or getting out of the Gorge (surrounding area). So please stay safe and patient. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us a line.

Thank You,
The Gorge Fly Shop Team


As always, for any of you bravehearts send us your Winter Fishing Photos.

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Nov 12, 2014

G.Loomis NRX 12’ 6wt Switch Rod

Product Reviewed: G.Loomis NRX 12’ 6wt Switch Rod

IN THEIR WORDS: An extreme performance, 12-foot Switch rod that, thanks to a highly technical nano-silica resin system, is incredibly light and unbelievably strong. It features a fast action to create tight, aerodynamic loops for long, accurate casts. You will experience positive line control throughout the swing with excellent mending qualities

Rated for both Skagit and Scandi-style lines, it's the serious fly rodder's dream rod. Whether your fishing skaters on a floating tip or intruders on a sink tip, this rod will handle just about anything you ask of it. Available in matte-black with aggressive, bright blue wraps or the more subtle forest green finish with matching wraps.

MY TAKE: I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, but I like hot butter on my breakfast toast…(rap verse from like the late 70’s)…The G.Loomis NRX Switch rod is just like that…Hot butter on your breakfast toast! When I got my hands on the 12’ 6wt NRX Switch Rod, I couldn’t wait to take it out for a swing. This rod is on the long end of what’s considered a switch rod and the short end of what’s considered a spey rod. I’m not a real techie guy, that’s for sure. I get lost in translation. I just like to use what works, and all I can say is this is a super light rod, weighing only 6.6 ounces in a 12' rod that packs a punch! I ask you, is there anything on earth that’s 12’ long and only weighs 6.6 ounces other than a top of the line switch rod? That’s 1.8 ounces per foot of rod. I’m just trying to put it into perspective. The 12’ 6wt NRX Switch rod is super light in my hand and a joy to cast, especially when lined up with a 360gr Scandi head.

I had a blast fishing this rod recently on the Deschutes River. It still amazes me how you can take a 12’ 6wt Spey/Switch rod as light as this and throw eighty to hundred foot cast with relative ease. Years ago I REFUSED to get into the spey scene because I had no desire in using a 14’ 9wt rod that literally felt like holding a telephone pole, to catch 6 to 15 pound steelhead! Thankfully for our pleasure, rods have become a bit shorter and a lot lighter and so, I could no longer resist. I had to dive head first right in. I always loved the beauty of the casting style but hated the beast of swinging a telephone pole. Since putting my first spey rod into my grubby rebellious hands, I have not turned back. Matter of fact, I don’t even own a single handed rod anymore when it comes to fly fishing for steelhead.

This is an awesome rod to dedicate as your Scandi rod, although it can throw the appropriate sink tips. A perfect “universal” line for this rod would be the Rio Scandi Short Versitip #6. This is an ideal line that does a great job when using a floating system and or light sinking tips. I personally love this line for that reason. The line does have its limitations though in my opinion (maybe the limitations are mine). Keep in mind this is a 6wt rod, and I can easily fish the Versitip system with this rod and slightly weighted flies. If you want to throw Big Nasty you might want to grab a different rod. I really like throwing a 6wt switch rod when Scandi style fishing; I like the lightness, the finesse, and the ease of casting it.

Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Shooting Head

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve been a loooong time G.Loomis fan! My entire guiding career you wouldn’t have found another rod in any of my boats. Since retiring from guiding and working at the Gorge Fly Shop, I have had the privilege and pleasure of fishing a lot of the top of the line spey and switch rods from all the major players. And I can say without hesitation these ultra-light 12’ 6wt switch rods deserve to be included in such great company. I wouldn’t hesitate to designate this rod as my go to Scandi rod for sure. There’s nothing better than using a light two handed rod to throw a floating Scandi head and a dry or sub surface wet fly for steelhead. This rod can easily handle steelhead from 6 to 12 pounds without getting nervous or taking too long to land your prize. As long as the conditions and size of the fish you’re targeting match the size of this rod, you’ll have in your hands one of the finest rods the fly fishing industry could offer. If you’re looking for a medium stiff, fast tapered, fast action rod wrapped up all nice and neat in a super light package then this is your rod! I highly recommend that you try the G.Loomis NRX 12’ 6wt Switch rod.

If you can't find what your looking for call the shop (541.386.6977), ask for John.

  • Airflo Skagit Switch 390 – 410 grains (For sink tip applications)
  • Airflo Skagit Compact Int 390 grains (For dredging & avoiding pesky, conflicting surface currents)
  • Airflo Scandi Compact 360 grains (For floating line applications)
  • Airflo Rage Compact 360 grains (For floating line applications in windy conditions)
  • Rio Skagit Max Short 400 - 425 grains (For sink tip applications)
  • Rio Skagit i-Flight 400 grains (For dredging and avoiding pesky, conflicting surface currents)
  • Rio Scandi Short 330 - 360 grains (For floating line applications)
  • Rio Short Head Spey 5/6 (For more traditional casting in floating applications)
  • Rio Scandi Short Versitip #6 (For both floating and sink tip applications)

See you out on the river and if you recognize me say hello!

The GFS Team
John Garrett


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TEN Reasons to fish Kamchatka

10 reasons why you should fish Kamchatka with Best of Kamchatka in 2015.

  1. They offer the best fishing trout fishing!
  2. They have 3 camps, a jet boat campfloat trip and heli flyout.
  3. You will have the best trout fishing of your life.

 Reason #4:

 Reason #5:

 Reason #6:

 Reason #7:

 Reason #8:

 Reason #9:

 Reason #10:

That's it. How many more reasons do you need, your not going to find Rainbows from Above anywhere else. Now get out there and "Get Bent"!

Jerry Swanson
Fish Head Expeditions, LLC

To Learn more about Kamchatka fishing Click Here

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Nov 11, 2014

Sage SALT - An Interview with George Cook

Gorge Fly Shop Owner Travis Duddles getting the insight from Sage's Chief rod designer Jerry Siem

I must admit while holding the new Sage SALT at the 2014 IFTD show I couldn't help feeling a little remorse for the inevitable end days of the exceptional Xi3. I became quite the fan over its course of reign. But from my first encounter with the arrow shooting ability of Konnectic Technology in the Sage ONE I knew the days were numbered for the vulnerable Xi3. This Konnectic technology would go hand in hand in salt angling were accuracy is more often than not the deciding factor in a days success.

We answer a lot of questions about saltwater rods and listen to many different opinions about what a saltwater rod should be. The action of a saltwater rod is hard to nail down to the perfect equation because what your rod needs to be is what fits at that moment in time when your target has been acquired.

While I have my opinions of what a saltwater rod should be and I'm also more than impressed with the new Sage SALT I want to turn the attention of this subject to a much more credible source than myself. George Cook (Northwest Sage Representative and Fly Fishing Expert) helps us answer some very important questions about saltwater rods and the new Sage SALT.

George what makes a saltwater fly rod a saltwater ready fly rod?

Action: To be sure, the action truly matters folks. In this to become the needed, trusted tool the rod action has to be such that it will perform at all ranges and do so with both touch, line speed and authority. It is not an easy task to pull all 3 of these aspects together but Rod Design Guru Jerry Siem has indeed done so with the New SAGE SALT Series.

Components: Salt Specific, be it guides, reel seats . Jerry (Siem) was ultra crafty on this series in that he placed the specific Rod Weight Number (Example: 890-4 would show the number 8) on the TOP of The REEL SEAT for quick, easy Rod I.D. no more looking upside down to spot your stick, now just shout out….. Hand me the 8 weight Captain!

Strength: This is where the Jerry Siem magic really shows. The delicate balance of providing the needed-requisite factors of Blank Strength/Fighting Power/Cast-A-Bility, miss just one here and we have problems that we get you somewhere along in the brine. Sage has a long history (1989 On ward) of unique, laser focused Saltwater Specific Rods dating back to the original RPL-X which brought a true saltwater rod to the market and boy was it a welcome hit as I worked in house back then and recall the dealer reaction that fall at the Fly Tackle Dealer Show, amazing times that have lead to this wonderful rod today, the New SAGE SALT.

George do salt rods make good freshwater rods…if so what techniques?

Streamer: No doubt there is crossover here. My first run at it with the New SALT was back to back 4 day excursions to the Bahamas for Bonefish immediately followed by a jaunt into the low country of South Carolina for Largemouth Bass. I had a 790-4 SALT and it was fantastic in both endeavors. Both fisheries required touch, accuracy and at times line speed with an array of fly types and sizes. Sitting here on November 6th I could easily see that same 790-4 at work on the Yellowstone as a Fall “Brown Town” streamer stick. I think by this time next year we will have witnessed the SALT conquer many a fishery be it Big Trout, Alaska Salmon, Argentine Freshwater Dorado and many others .

George is the Sage SALT just a Sage Method dressed differently? 

Now Greg, it’s election time here in November and the nation like these rods has both Blue and Red districts and just like these two rod series they are indeed VERY DIFFERENT.

George many fisherman think that the SALT will just be a Method in disguise…what makes the Salt different? 

Naw buddy, different animals! While both series feature SAGE’s exclusive and wicked Konnetic Technologies The METHOD Series are the supped up, king pin tools of the all out line speed enthusiast. I always tell people that the METHOD is not for everybody but all angler’s at some point, somewhere will wish for one as it will be a difference maker in challenging conditions be it fresh or salt. The SALT is way different in that it is a tool that covers a mammoth gamut of potential scenario’s. A great example is that of Bonefishing where in the course of a single days fishing can face the angler with many different casting challenges. For instance, first thing in the AM you may have a longer (60’+) cast in calm like conditions put you to task. 3 Hours later, brisk wind and a fish sighted close say sub 45’ that suddenly is a mere 25’ away and in your lap. In order to own the day in these situations you will need all of the following performance attributes….Touch and accuracy, both near and far, line speed to cut that pesky wind, true feel for the right number of false cast needed and the moment of truth in that “Presentation” lay down, get it done cast. Furthermore you may well need the ability to pick up and take that second shot at that fish that as luck often has it did something other than ideal . The other aspect that I’d throw out there is this Greg….when you get a given match up of rod and line there is a casting-fishing sense that the Magic Rod Fiery has sprinkled the oh so lovely perfect star dust upon you and when this feeling is upon an angler no matter the situation, the location, the weather that Angler is blessed with a sense of confidence that will have his or her head in the game at the highest level.

George what lines do the SALT rods favor? 

Line weight marked on reel seat
In the Bonefish Theater (7 thru 9 Weight equation) I love RIO’s General Purpose Tropical Salt Water Line. The RIO Bonefish Quickshooter is a straight up get it done performer for many an angler who steps to the plate wading or from a boat. The RIO Redfish line is a great call for that increasingly popular pursuit. The New Award Winning RIO Permit Line will be an important cog in that pursuit and is dead on in that all important 9-10 weight rod range. Tarpon chasers will love the RIO Tarpon Quickshooter as it simply delivers when your guide says CAST. Streamer slingers will enjoy the Outbound Short series for banging the banks and the Puget Sound and Alaskan beach crowds will throw Mega far with RIO’s Outbound Coldwater Floater or Intermediate lines (Outbound Coldwater being the original 37’.5 Outbound line that is an amazing distance tool).

George how will Konnectic technology help our saltwater fishing?

Accuracy: Yes Accuracy, nothing cast straighter than rods engineered with the Konnetic technology format (ONE/METHOD and SALT) . Point and shoot, done deal, get ready for fish porn photo’s.

George - Novice, Intermediate or Pro – where does the Sage SALT fit in? 

Glad you asked…..this might be the most beautiful aspect of all Greg in that the Sage SALT series with it unique Moderated action is simply good to go with all levels of casters. In fact during my fall run of introductions I saw in many instances folks who straight up cast the SALT better than anything else that was placed in their casting paws some of these casters needed help and this action brought it their way in spades. No body really gets enough water time and even less pure practice casting time. I saw novice casters who would go from “Hope” which isn't a strategy by the way to “In The Game” with the 790-4 and 890-4 SALT, combined with RIO’s Bonefish Quickshooter and everyone is a plane ticket away form a holiday to remember!

Thank you George...I agree with you that this rod is very different than any other saltwater rod I've had experience with. It's truly impressive how the Konnectic technology can instantly improve your cast and was also surprised at how well this new rod cast short (something that I have struggled with in the past).


Sage SALT - 2014 IFTD Show (Casting Pond)


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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Weekly Fishing Report (November 10th)

Gorge Fly Shop Weekly Fishing Report

Visiting the Gorge or surrounding rivers? Check out the Gorge Fly Shop's Weekly Fishing Reports Page for local and surrounding lakes and rivers including the Deschutes, Klickitat the Hood, Lost Lake and surrounding bodies of water.

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Sage Method Vs. Anything...

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