Jul 17, 2018

RIO InTouch Grand Fly Lines

The benefits of ConnectCore, combined with best-selling fly line tapers and a unique tri-color line casting gauge (SureFire) makes for the finest performing trout lines on the market.
The RIO InTouch Grand features RIO's unique ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology.

The InTouch Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard, and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods.

The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook. The RIO Grand is the best choice of line for the modern, fast action fly rod.

The line also features RIO's unique three color "SureFire" color system that improves accuracy and makes it easy to gauge exact distances at a glance. In addition, RIO's "MaxCast" Technology actively repels water for higher flotation, longer casts and greater durability, while RIO's "MaxFloat" Tip, keeps the line tip floating high on the water and puts an end to annoying sunken line tips.
Technology -
  • MaxCast - High-tech line coating that repels water while you fish increasing floatation and durability
  • MaxFloat - Proprietary tip coating for superior float, reduced drag, and quieter pickups
  • AgentX Technology - Our most advanced coating technology for enhanced performance, durability and slickness
  • ConnectCore - Get In-Touch with a non-stretch line core for improved strike detection and faster hook sets.
  • Surefire - Unique three-color system ensures deadly accurate distance control.
  • Easy ID tag - quickly identify fly line
  • Front welded loop
  • Rear welded loop
Specs - 

SKULine SizeColorFull Head Weight30' Head WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
6-20671WF4FGreen/Gray/Yellow140gr175gr37ft 11.2mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20672WF5FGreen/Gray/Yellow160gr195gr37ft 11.2mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20673WF6FGreen/Gray/Yellow185gr230gr39ft 11.8mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-20674WF7FGreen/Gray/Yellow210gr280gr40ft 12.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-20675WF8FGreen/Gray/Yellow240gr310gr41ft 12.5mFloat100ft 30.5m

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Jul 16, 2018

RIO InTouch Gold Fly Line

RIO InTouch Gold Fly Line continues to be one of our best selling fly lines and here's why...

Gold is so much more than just an ordinary trout line. It starts with a taper that provides great loop stability for distance. Head lengths range from 45' to 49' (depending on line weight) helping to provide this stability. This head length also provides great line control and mend-ability.

The front taper is designed to give great dry fly presentations yet strong enough to turn over common indicator rigs or hopper/dropper combos.

The Surefire three color system keeps you aware of your distance for better cast and distance control.

InTouch Low-Stretch ConnectCore keeps you connected to your fly for enhanced strike detection and positive hook sets.

MaxCast, MaxFloat and Agent X Technology keeps the line high and dry all day long with superior floating performance.

Convenience features include Easy ID Tag for quick line identification and welded loops front and rear for easy rigging.

Specs - 
SKULine SizeColorHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
6-20684WF4FMoss/Gray/Gold126gr45ft 13.7mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20685WF5FMoss/Gray/Gold146gr46ft 14.0mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20686WF6FMoss/Gray/Gold168gr47ft 14.3mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20687WF7FMoss/Gray/Gold193gr48ft 14.6mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20688WF8FMoss/Gray/Gold218gr49ft 14.9mFloat90ft 27.4m

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Jul 15, 2018

Winston Pure - New - Coming in September

Just in! New for the 2019 sales year, Winston Pure. A new True Winston Moderate Progressive action light line rod series We'll get our hands on it next week at I-CAST.

Following is the info we have for now. The news is they will be available in September. We have them listed for sale now on our website for you to pre-order yours today. Pre-orders get filled the same day rods arrive to us. Same day turn around.

Presenting the new Winston PURE light line series. For those who prefer to fish with a light touch. These moderate action rods feature a quick recovery that allows for open loops for fine dry fly presentation along with the ability to generate faster line speed for different conditions. The slim profile provides a better connection to the rod while the proprietary design puts presentation and tippet protection as the first priority. 

  • Advanced Boron III light line rods
  • Moderate action with quick recovery that allows for open loops for fine dry fly presentation along with the ability to generate faster line speed as required for different conditions
  • True Winston Progressive Action
  • Slim profile with fine grip and guide configurations for better connection to the rod
  • Proprietary design puts presentation and tippet protection as the first priority
  • Ideal for light nymph and dry fly fishing applications
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT 
  • WEIGHTS: 2 thru 5wt.
  • ACTION: Medium
  • GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides
  • REEL SEAT: Nickel Silver with figured Maple insert
  • STORAGE: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock
    Specs -

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    Jul 14, 2018

    Hardy MTX Fly Reels - New for 2018

    New for 2018, Hardy MTX Fly Reels
    New to the Ultralite Series of fly reels Hardy came up with a unique design. To reduce weight they made part of the frame with carbon fiber. The outer frame is machine aluminum alloy and the inner part is carbon fiber.
    Hardy describes this reel as "Strong, light and with a stunning industrial design."
    Includes a FREE FLY LINE
    Reel Specs -
    MTX 30003/4/5WF4F+(45 yards) 20#4.30 oz.
    MTX 50005/6/7WF6F+(80 yards) 20#5.00 oz.
    MTX 70007/8/9WF8F+(115 yards) 20#5.90 oz

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    Jul 13, 2018

    A solid foundation - Sage Foundation

    A stalker, quietly waiting in patient suspension, seeking his target, ready for attack. Confident in ability gained from precision reliable tools. Target is sighted, fly rod brought to load, fly is delivered on time and accurately! Success is achieved by honed skills and confidence in the tool.

    Sage Foundation Fly Rods offer anglers a USA built tool that they can confidence in its accuracy, precision and ability, for a price that even the imports can't compete with.

    Yeah! I probably should have saved all those fancy words for a $1k stick but I wanted to make a point. A statement of sorts! You will fish better with a fly rod that you will find confidence and pride in no matter what the price. What Sage Foundation offers the angler is a USA built, precision fly rod with strong abilities that can be achieved by beginner anglers and maximized by expert anglers.

    What do I like about it?

    Step aside from its relaxed casting stroke and here are a few details I like about Foundation.

    It has a very comfortable grip. I especially appreciate the snub wells cork handles on 4 thru 6 weights for both for comfort and accuracy. My theory is that the front thumb ramp helps anglers give a more direct push to their intended target thus providing a greater level of accuracy over standard reverse wells grip rods.

    I also appreciate it's stealth black blank color. I don't feel a need to have my rod on display in the midst of other anglers. Yes, I have a fly rod. I don't need your judgement about how much I spent on it. I always get a laugh with the angler that displays his high dollar stick and then follows that up with his inability to cast it.

    I also appreciate the straight forward aluminum reel seat. Nothing fancy, just life long, reliable, non-glaring, strong reel seat.
    I like the nylon rod tube with divided liner. While the aluminum tubes that come with higher end rods are pretty to look at, trust me you pay for them. The lesser nylon divided tubes are less clunky when traveling and faster to retrieve or stow your equipment.

    If you ever need it, covered by Sage lifetime, original owner warranty.

    Sage Foundation Fly Rods come in many popular sizes and well as complete Foundation Outfits including Sage 2200 Series reel, backing, RIO fly line and leader. Just add fly!
    Foundation Outfit

    ModelHandleLengthLineTube Size (in)Weight (oz)
    490-4A9'431"2 7/8
    590-4A9'531"3 1/16
    690-4A9'631"3 1/4
    691-4B9'631"3 11/16
    790-4B9'731"3 11/16
    890-4B9'831"3 13/16

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    Jul 12, 2018

    Scientific Anglers Frequency Double Taper Fly Line

    Whether you believe in Double Taper fly lines or not one cannot argue the advantages this taper has. Roll casting and Mending are superior actions with a double taper line.
    Some anglers like the idea that they can turn the line around and get virtually new line to fish with next season.
    Whatever the reason hard core double taper anglers have you can bet this...Double Tapers are here to stay.

    Scientific Anglers Frequency Double Taper is built on a cost effective format with a price to match. You won't find all the latest technologies but what you will find is a solid performing fly line. It's made to be versatile in all weather conditions. Features a braided core. It has a welded loop on one end.

    Specs -
    Order #Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length

    Frequency Double Taper is a great all around fly line that excels at dry fly applications as well as an effective nymph fishing line.

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    Jul 11, 2018

    Columbia Gorge Fishing Report 7/11/18

    Steelhead: Fishing has been pretty slow still for steelhead, but that's okay with me as I tend to think expectations shouldn't be so heavily focused on the necessity of a fish in hand- It's good to appreciate any time out on the water swinging a fly! The Klickitat River has had a bit of turbidity lately and doesn't seem to be cycling much yet. Some of the die hard dry fly / dry line guys I know out there that river have even switched to light tips recently. The Dalles Dam has been seeing more fish passing over it as of lately, which means it is about time to be heading over to the Deschutes, which is arguably one of the better dry line steelhead fisheries out there. Be sure to bring your thermometer if heading over to the D this July as water temps are pretty high already due to top water being released from the Pelton Dam, and steelhead simply just do not revive well in those temps- It's best to be off the water early once temps reach the upper 60's.

    Almost that time!

    Trout: Over on the Deschutes action has slowed a little as we enter the heat of the summer. Focus on fishing early and late out with caddis fly variations in the riffles and mayflies into the back eddies. Aquatic moths are making a bit of an appearance as well. Jacob here at the shop even saw an adult damsel munching on an aquatic moth for lunch the other day on his boat. Mid-day I would plan on nymphing deep as many fish with seek the cooler water where food is more readily available. I've still been taking my 2wt out on the smaller streams up higher for eager trout, and the lakes have been fishing pretty good near dusk and dawn while a mid-day hammock siesta provides some nice R&R.

    Cooling off on a hot afternoon after a morning of trout fishing.

    Warmwater: Not a whole lot has changed for targeting warmwater species. The carp fishing has been excellent on calm days (is that a thing around here in summer?), and in the evenings a short lived Hex hatch has even been happening on the Columbia near last light, which Carp seem to enjoy. Clousers or crawfish patterns for the smallmouth and in the evening poppers are working great. Want some easy fishing? Check out the John Day to catch more smallies than you can count.

     Chelsey tied onto a John Day River smallie 

    As always, we are happy to talk fishing anytime. Give us a call if you have any specific questions on local rivers, gear, and tactics, or if you just want some encouragement to get out of the office. 

    Cody Booth
    Gorge Fly Shop | Product Specialist

    Jul 10, 2018

    Hardy SDSL Fly Reels - New for 2018

    Hardy SDSL Fly Reels feature a fully sealed carbon fiber disc drag system capable of up to 16lbs of drag force. Machined from 6061 bar stock aluminum, the New SDSL will take the abuse of salt environments and look great with silver/blue anodizing.
    Includes a FREE FLY LINE

    Reel Specs -
    SDSL 60006/7/8WF8F+(200 yards) 20#8.60 oz.
    SDSL 80008/9/10WF10F+(200 yards) 30#9.20 oz.
    SDSL 1000010/11/12WF12F+(250 yards) 30#11.50 oz
    SDSL 1200012+WF14F+(250 yards) 30#12.90 oz

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