Jun 20, 2018

Trout Season - Last Call - Video

Found this great video from Sage. It perfectly highlights the challenges our great earth is facing in world that is gasping for every available underground metal resource while ignoring the perfectly created, above ground, precious resources that exist naturally.

Rivers are more than just bodies of water, they are ribbons that connect people and reduce the distance between rural and urban. As such, they take the greater community to preserve and protect them. Check out Daniel Anderson’s connection with the Yellowstone River, and what folks in the Paradise Valley (and beyond) are doing to defend their precious resource.


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Jun 19, 2018

Columbia Gorge Fishig Report 6/19/2018

Driving along the upper Klick looking South.

Steelhead- Numbers over Bonneville are slowly increasing and we still haven't had a big push of fish yet. However, looking upstream a bit it appears that a good chunk of fish that have passed over Bonneville haven't passed over The Dalles Dam yet. So they must be in some of the tributaries and/or waiting for conditions to trigger them upstream on their journey more.

 Count numbers over Bonneville, The Dalles Dam, and John Day

The Klick has been low and clear for the start of the season, however that may change soon as the high country might see a little rain followed by some nice warm weather. A rising river from rain or snow melt will color things up a bit and get fish moving throughout the system and will be a welcomed change. We are also in the Columbia Gorge and it gets windy here at times... When that is the case I will quickly take my scandi head off and put an Airflo Rage on instead. If you're unfamiliar with this line than it might be time to explore it's benefits! Larger flies or light sinking polyleaders will work on it, but I utilize it most for its ability to cast into the wind when my scandi falls apart mid-cast. While it doesn't present itself as nicely as a scandi, it still does all the same touch-and-go casts and is simply just a versatile line.  

 This fish took a Grease Liner about 3ft into the air on the take, but steelhead won't eat dry flies...

Trout- Deschutes action isn't really slowing down, however the angler pressure has been. It seems folks come out of the woodwork for the Salmon/Stonefly hatch for a couple weeks and then tend to avoid the river until next season. Meanwhile hatches occur year round and the Yellow Sallies have been popping off for a few weeks now.  Pale Morning and Pale Evening Duns are out overcast days certainly seem to turn on the mayfly fishing. Also, don't forget your Caddis flies and we just got stocked up on the smaller sizes that tend to work best out there. 

Small stream trout never seem to disappoint!

Small streams are fishing well and as I've said before, those trout aren't too particularly picky when it comes to eating. One thing I tried recently that I usually reserved for larger waters, was swinging soft hackles into seams on these small creeks... turns out it works great here too! In our mountain lakes, the nighttime temperatures have kept water cool and fish have been sticking closer to the shore until we start to get into the heat of summer. 

Warmwater species- Bass fishing has been great lately for those in pursuit! The John Day provides non-stop action and the bass aren't to particular their either. On the Columbia, the big boys seem to want the big stuff and a 7wt rod is ideal for throwing it to them. The top water action has been picking up and is a exciting visual seeing some predator fish chase down its "prey." Finding a carp flat can be a fun alternative to bass and these brutes will make you work for it, and the reward is high. Carp tend to average around 10lbs, with plenty of bigger ones available too. Carp can be picky though, and stealthiness is crucial. We just got a few new flies in that work pretty good for carp so if you're up to the challenge, come see us!

 Yes, we love two-handers! Even when fishing poppers for Smallies...

As always, we are happy to talk fishing anytime. Give us a call if you have any specific questions on local rivers, gear, and tactics, or if you just want some encouragement to get out of the office. 

Local Fishing Information

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Jun 18, 2018

Video - Sage MOD Fly Rods - FREE LINE PROMO

Limited Time - Get a FREE FLY LINE and Pen for a limited time

Offer valid June 14th thru June 25th, 2018

Find Sage MOD Fly Rods at "The Gorge"

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Jun 17, 2018

Crick Bassin` - Video

Chasing Smallies in the Crick!
I got an opportunity to chase some smallies in a great lakes region creeks. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pass up these opportunities.

Growing up I use to play in creeks. I was always surprised by the seemingly never ending list of species that one could find in water that does not even appear possible to maintain aquatic life. It amazed me to no end how such vulnerable creatures could survive through raging floods and hot summer droughts, and yet still thrive.
I've found dace and darters, chubs and suckers, bluegills, sunfish and the sometimes carp. But even as a creek exploring youngster I was on the hunt for bass. Decades later, every time I drive pass a river, stream or creek I still dream about stalking bass!
On this day, in this short video I fished with a Sage Method 690-4 paired with a Waterworks Lamson Force SL #2 equipped with a Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro fly line. Admittedly this was small water for this distance capable setup but I wasn't aware what I'd was going to fish before hand so I went with a rod that could adapt over a wide range of uses. The Sage Bass II Series Smallmouth rod would have been a great fit.
The fish were eager to check out a popper and made many close inspections of a feather game changer but in the end it was my personal creation no name bass fly that brought the most to hand.

Keep it real,

Greg Darling 

"My Passion For Fishing Is A Lifelong Pursuit Of Discovery"

Jun 16, 2018

Reel in Savings on a Sage 7 weight - Accel, Bolt, Salt

Left to Right: Sage Bolt, Sage Accel, Sage Salt
If I could only have one single hand fly rod ever I think it would have to be a 7 weight. Bass, browns and bones,  hoppers to articulated streamers, a 7 weight can handle a lot and still retain a finesse side.

Gorge Fly Shop has a good stock on hand and great deals of some incredible Sage 7 weights.

Sage Bolt
The Sage Bolt is a strong, ultra fast rod. It has great lifting power to move large flies. In the right hands it can throw tight loops and long distance. It's a great tool to fight tough conditions including wind and wind resistant flies.

Sage Accel
The Sage Accel is a perfect example of what happens when a previous version of graphite is wrapped and finished with current technology to create an outcome that is an absolute winner. The moderate fast action of the Accel is comfortable, accurate and responsive. It's a rod that anyone will enjoy casting.

Sage Salt
The Sage Salt 7 weight is a clear favorite in the series. Streamer anglers noticed right away that this rod did not need to be confined to salt alone. It has a sneaky fast tip and flexes more in the mid sections. Key characteristics are fast action but with a mod-fast feel, excellent control and dead on accuracy.

I highlighted the 7 weights but we also have some other great sizes including some Accel Two Hand models.

Find these great Sage deals at "The Gorge"

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Jun 15, 2018

RIO's How To Series: How to drift a soft hackle

It's hard to find a more versatile and effective fly for a trout stream than a soft hackle. I usually tight line swing soft hackle flies but in this video Simon reminds us that they can be drifted as well.

The rigging is quite easy. Simon is fishing a Sage MOD fly rod with a RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey line, a line that overheads and roll cast exceptional well. He's using RIO Suppleflex leaders and Suppleflex tippet connected with tippet rings. The sighter is made with RIO's Two Tone Indicator Tippet and the only part that takes a little "homework" to put together. I included the demonstration video of how to make your own sighters.

RIO's Two Tone Indicator Tippet - plus how to make the "Slinky" Indicator from RIO Products on Vimeo.

Just add our Trout Spey Soft Hackle Madness Fly Kit and you've got an effective method to catch trout from east to west and north to south.

Don't miss out on the Sage MOD Promo for a FREE FLY LINE and Pen

Find it all at "The Gorge"

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Jun 14, 2018

Sage MOD Sale Promo

I know what you're thinking...Do I need a Sage MOD and/or is this incentive enough reason to buy one? Whether you're already interested in a MOD or maybe don't really know what a MOD is let me give you my take on the jade green stick.

MOD stands for moderate action. This is the entire idea behind this rod. By design it's intended purpose is to fish small to medium size streams, present flies with precise accuracy and a delicate touch.

The action of this rod favors dry fly fishing and also excels with traditional trout wet flies. The moderate actions excels at protecting light tippets. The Super Plus snub-nose, half-wells cork handles along with Konnetic Technology in the graphite improves casting accuracy for pinpoint presentations.

Promotion Description: Promo Name = MOD Promo 
  • Promo Dates = Thursday June 14, 2018 through Monday June 25, 2018 
  • Promo Details = Gift With Purchase. Free RIO fly line and Limited Edition MOD pen with the purchase of any singlehanded MOD rod at full MSRP ($850). 
  • The free fly line included will be the “Sage Perfect Setup” line from RIO Products, identified by Sage R&D as the ideal line for each individual MOD model (see below). 
  1. MOD 290-4 = RIO Trout LT WF2F 
  2. MOD 390-4 = InTouch RIO Perception WF3F 
  3. MOD 486-4, MOD 490-4 = InTouch RIO Perception WF4F 
  4. MOD 586-4, MOD 590-4 = InTouch RIO Perception WF5F 
  5. MOD 690-4 = InTouch RIO Perception WF6F 
  • Sage Limited Edition MOD Promo available to US Sage Authorized Dealers only.
  • NOTE: Sage MOD Promo only applies to MOD single hand rods. MOD Spey rods are not included in promotion.
What hoops do I have to jump through?
Good Question! Nothing really is the answer. If you order the rod from Gorge Fly Shop, we will fill your order and include at no charge to you the suggested free Fly line. At your time of order, we (Gorge Fly Shop) will submit the forms for you for your qualifying purchase for Sage to send you the Limited Edition MOD Pen. If we sell out of our inventory your order will be shipped directly from Sage. All you have to do is place your order and we take care of everything. 

If you have any questions about the promo, MOD rod, need a reel suggestion...give us a call at 541-386-6977 or email us at info@gorgeflyshop.com

Find Sage MOD Fly Rods at "The Gorge"

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Jun 13, 2018

RIO InTouch Hover Fly Line

In most cases we are looking for a floating line that will stay on the surface. The technology of making a fly line float is one area that has improved greatly in recent years. As fly lines mastered this ability to float well it was realized that there are benefits at times to a line that will get under the surface. 
The RIO InTouch Hover Fly Line is designed to get just under the surface. As we head into a summer season many anglers head toward highland lakes. Hover is a great line to outfit your system for success. Presenting emerger type flies just under the surface is often key to drawing strikes when fish aren't feeding on the surface. 

Features -
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the ultimate in sensitivity and lightning fast hook sets
  • Hang Marker helps indicate when to cast
  • Short, front loaded head for easy casting and maximum distance
  • Front Welded Loop
Specs -
SKULine SizeColorHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
6-20551WF5S1Gray/Olive185gr30ft / 9m1.0ips90ft / 27.4m
6-20552WF6S1Gray/Olive210gr30ft / 9m1.0ips90ft / 27.4m
6-20553WF7S1Gray/Olive240gr30ft / 9m1.0ips100ft / 30.5m
6-20554WF8S1Gray/Olive280gr30ft / 9m1.0ips100ft / 30.5m

The RIO InTouch Hover has a short 30' head with a gentle front taper for easy delivery. This short head helps to load rods effectively and shoots well for good casting distance. It'll cut wind well and also make casting easier when sitting in a float tube. 

Find all RIO Fly Lines at "The Gorge"

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