Dec 11, 2014

Redington Form: Game time in muscle memory

Redington Form: Game Rod - Game time
I'm still very new to fly fishing and love getting on the water every chance I get, but it seems lately it's been very difficult to get fly time. At times I've dreamt where I could be camping, or in elk camp plinking beer cans off stumps with this very rod. Places where I was unable to get to water. The ideas (lets call them games) are almost endless. So recently I pulled the trigger and acquired my first Redington Form "Game Rod". I didn't want this rod in place of, but more to fill a void. For example, during a most recent exciting (que sarcasm) family Thanksgiving I found myself outside with my oldest and a brand new Lava Red form game rod. Before my first cast my son asked what I was doing. I sarcastically replied daddy's working (but showed him the rod anyways). Ok. Step back. I started feeding line getting into the motion of things, that's right I thought... there it is... muscle memory beginning to kick in, less wrist, more line. With the cool fresh air and the fallen leaves in the grass mimicking drag in water (sort of) with a yarn fly I was smiling. I began to enjoy this short two piece rod with no reel. I began picking targets in the yard. Kicking a soccer ball further and further out to the ends of my reach. I was getting into the groove, no. I was in the groove. All I needed was a cold beer...

10 Month first cast, kidding
Pause: Game Two! Set up the beer cans. 
As cans began to line up things got serious. These where no longer cheap beer cans laid out amongst the grass they where targets, fallen soldiers in the Thanksgiving wake. A trout here, big fat bass over there. Had to put my half empty can down, it's go time! Hunched down, cast after cast, a hit, miss, miss, hit!!! "Mike!" - Shoot, time to head in.

Game Three - Live Bait!
Needless to say I revisited this game a few more times throughout the rest of my day. Later as my 4 year old got anxious and wanted to play I decided to change things up. As he swung on the swing set I began swinging the hookless fly at his feet, he began to laugh, I laughed. Hey this is fun and safe I thought. We continued, laughing and moving around the swing set and once we where done we began to run around the yard. I must have been chasing a Permit. Elusive bugger he was, casting the rod at his backside 20-30ft at a time, all the while running circles and weaving in and around trees, laughing and smiling. Something I haven't done in quite a while, at least so much! When 30ft was no longer enough I was forced to feed more line, 30-40ft... Oops, too much, reel back in. These games and others continued throughout the day.

I sometimes ask my wife and kids what they are thankful for or what their favorite part of their day was. On this day, I was thankful for happy kids and my new game rod because this was the most memorable (favorite) part of my Thanksgiving Holiday (yes, even more than the Thanksgiving dinner).   

Article by: Mike Prine - The Newbie
Gorge Fly Shop - Webmaster

Redington Game Rods: When in stock, available in wave blue or lava red.

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Great Christmas Gift Idea! - SAGE OUTFITS

Sage Grace Outfit

If you're anything like me, and could complete your Christmas shopping for your wife, daughter or dare I say yourself in one stop, you would take severe advantage of that opportunity! Well, we are here to help you out. No need to schedule an appointment with your psychiatrist just take a deep breath and sit down at your computer and log on to our website: (Grace Outfit) or give us a call @ 541.386.6977 and order yourself (or that special someone) a sweet little Sage Grace Outfit. DONE!

Not only is this rod all dressed up and pretty in pink, it's also powerful in pink! The Sage Grace Outfit is ready to fish and it comes with a Pink Sage Ballistic Rod/Reel case, a Pink Sage 3200 Series Reel...But Wait, there's also comes with backing and a Pink Rio Gold Fly Line!

Maybe you have a daughter who is interested in fly fishing, maybe you're gone fly fishing so much that you're wife all of a sudden has a desire to fly fish too, or maybe you're just man enough to fish pink! Whatever your scenario may be...don't freak! The Sage Grace Fly Rod is an answer to your conundrum. One stop shopping that will keep on giving...

Another sweet thing about this is that Sage will donate $50 from the sale of each Grace Outfit to Casting for Recovery which is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving women vital tools to overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

What's not to love about this whole scenario?!

Grace Specs:
  • Graphite IIIe
  • Fast action with a soft feel
  • Iridescent Pink blank color
  • Pink primary thread wraps with Black and Silver trim wraps
  • Chameleon coated zirconium stripper guides
  • Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top
  • Pink Anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • 5 weight: Reverse half-wells cork handle
  • 8 weight: Full-wells cork handle with fighting butt
  • Pink Sage 3200 series fully machined reel
  • Pink Rio Gold line, backing and tapered leader
  • Pink ballistic nylon rod tube with reel case
  • $50 donation to Casting for Recovery
Available Sizes:

  • 586-4
  • 890-4

Sage ONE Outfit

Sage One 590-4 Fly Rod Outfit
The Sage One outfit is a serious fly fisherman's outfit.
You would pay about $1200 to buy everything included in this outfit. There is one difference I want to point out compared to if you ala carte the entire package. When purchasing the rod alone it comes with an aluminum rod tube and not the Ballistic Rod/Reel Case when purchase as an outfit. While aluminum rod cases are a nice feature I find the Ballistic rod/reel case more practical for transport. The reel stays with the rod and the case doesn't roll around in your truck.

Sage ONE Specs - 
  • Konnetic Technology® 
  • Fast action 
  • Black Ice blank color 
  • Black thread wraps with Bronze trim wraps 
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides 
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top 
  • Walnut wood insert and Golden Bronze anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat 
  • Super Plus snub-nose, half-wells cork handle 
  • Sage 4250 Bronze reel 
  • WF5F RIO Perception line with ConnectCore technology 
  • 100 yards of 20# backing 
  • 9' 4X RIO Powerflex tapered leader 
  • Custom ballistic cloth rod & reel case

Available Sizes:

  • 590-4

Sage Approach Fly Rod Outfits

Made in U.S.A.

Calling our Approach series rods "entry level" just doesn't do them justice.Utilizing a higher modulus graphite than any of our previous entry-level rods, the Approach has a medium-fast action that provides excellent line feel and control. Beginning casters can easily grow with this rod without ever feeling they've outgrown it. And like all Sage rods, the Approach is made right here on Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA.

Sage Approach Specs -
  • Medium-fast action
  • Oyster shell shaft color
  • Black primary thread wraps with silver trim wraps
  • Ceramic stripper guide
  • Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top
  • Reverse half-wells grip on freshwater 3,4 and 5 weights
  • All aluminum reel seat with full-wells grip and cork fighting butt on all 8 and 9 weight saltwater models
  • Silver gray rod/reel tube with divided liner
  • Outfits come with a Sage 2200 reel, RIO Gold Fly line, and a CORDURA® rod/reel case

Available Sizes:
  • 490-4
  • 590-4
  • 690-4
  • 890-4
  • 990-4

Take it easy and take advantage of the one stop shopping @
the Gorge Fly Shop | 541.386.6977

From all of us here at the Gorge Fly Shop
Happy Holidays and Fish On!

Dec 9, 2014

FlyVines: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer **Plus NEW from FLYVINES**

*Pet not included
Flyvines are an innovative and unique solution to fly fishing’s chief environmental hindrance: fly line. Based out of Missoula, Montana, we recycle used fly line to create lanyards, bracelets, retainers for sunglasses, and other fly fishing accessories. Each product is hand-braided, using a pattern we developed over long Montana winters and while enduring muddy run-offs. As such, each piece is one-of-a-kind.


Are you a pet lover who also loves to fly fish? Do you love to recycle to help protect our environment? If so, you might love the new products that FlyVines are just putting out! Not only will you be helping our environment but you'll let everyone know that you love your pet and fly fishing at the same time.

Dog Collars and Leashes

  • Collars @ $29.99
  • Leashes @ $19.99

These new Collars and leashes are an ideal gift idea for your pet or someone's else's pet. They come in all kinds of color combos and are adjustable and are waterproof...

Flyvines Bracelet

Purchase your bracelets today under $20.
Flyvines bracelets are fashionable for both men and women. The recycled fly line is braided and is adjustable once on your wrist. Colors vary.

Flyvines Eyewear Retainer

Purchase your eye glass retainer today under $10.
Keep your sunglasses on a leash with this retired fly line to help make sure you don't sit on them or allow them to run off.

Flyvines Lanyard

Purchase your Lanyard today under $20.
Flyvines offers stylish lanyards great for all types of uses. For fly fishing a lanyard is essential for holding tippet, clippers, hemostats and gink. Great for ski passes or name tag and business card holders for conventions and other business events.

ALSO NEW To the NW this year!

Purchase your Spey Bracelets today under $20.
Spey line bracelets create a thicker bracelet than the traditional Flyvines bracelets. The recycled fly line is braided and is adjustable once on your wrist. Colors vary.

Log on to or give us a call @ 541.386.6977
Buy Flyvines products -- you’ll be accessorizing with style while upcycling a product that would otherwise negatively impact the environment.

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Dec 8, 2014

Weekly Fishing Report (December 8th)

Check out the Gorge Fly Shop's Weekly Fishing Reports Page for local and surrounding lakes and rivers including the Deschutes, Klickitat the Hood, Lost Lake and surrounding bodies of water.

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Dec 7, 2014

DR. Slick (Combo Gift set)


We at the Gorge Fly Shop are often asked, especially this time of year, what's a great gift idea or stocking stuffer for a family member who loves to fly fish. Ask any of us this question and you'd get a number of ideas.

Mine being the Dr. Slick Combo Gift Set would be near the top of that list and for good reason. The Combo Gift Set comes with several vital tools of the trade, including: Nipper, Reel & C5G 5" Gold Clamp in Small Fly Box!

High Quality tools that are used constantly. Probably the most used tools of the sport. Nippers to cut tippet material and Clamps to pinch barbs, remove hooks from fish, and a ton of other uses...

That's why I love the Combo Gift's not a gift that will sit in the closet or garage going un-used...less than $50.00 it'll be a sure hit gift for the fanatic fisherman/fisher woman in your life...

Log on to our website at or call us @ 541.386.6977 and let us help you this season...

Dr. Slick Clamp Gift Set
Included with set - #SSIG
  • NSJO Nipper
  • RISOG Reel
  • C5G 5" Gold Clamp 
  • All in a Small Fly Box with ripple foam inserts
Dr. Slick Scissor Clamp Gift Set
Included with set - #Combo-5G
  • NSJO Nipper
  • RISOG Reel
  • SNH55G  5 1/2" Gold Scissor Clamp 
  • All in a Small Fly Box with ripple foam inserts

See also Dr. Slick Typhoon Pliers

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Dec 5, 2014

Redington Rod Line Up (start your fishing)

Photo credit: Greg Darling - "Love the Minnow"

Over the holidays and during a few email correspondence with George Cook (go to Redington rod expert) and a line discussion or two with Greg Darling (GFS Product Specialist) we put together this Rod Line up for the current Redington rod series. We hope you find it useful and as always if you need any additional info contact us at the Gorge Fly Shop. 541.386.6977 or

Butter stick:

"A  modern twist on an old classic"

Awe, “Pass The Butter” …….. A modern twist on an old classic. This folks is NOT Your Daddy’s Glass stick ! Constructed with New Age “T” Glass VS the “S” Glass of the 1970’s and 80’s providing a far more advanced modem of performance in Glass Fly Rod design. Two Weight Thru Five Weight Models make for simply wonderful “Small Ball” tools that excel for a variety of Trouty uses, from small streams and creeks to select lake and pond use. Some of the neatest trout fisheries both East and West, even in Alaska are of the small water variety that once discovered offer some real gems for the solace seeking Angler. These fisheries are made to order for the Redington Butterstick series like the 370-3 and the 476-3. Not to be overlooked, the 262-3 provides the ultimate in small ball fun fest!

Get some butter right here: Redington Butter.

Line Recommendations:
Rio Gold
Rio Trout LT
Rio Trout LT Double Taper

Classic Trout:

"ease of use cast after cast"

Moderate action format leads the way in Classic Action reminiscent of the World Class Mega All Time Favorite SAGE LL Series Trout Rods. Lovely Clay Brown Blank transcends to a matching Rosewood Reel Seat set a distinctive look to a truly Classic Trout action that lends itself to the angler seeking a relaxed casting stroke in a true trout use rod. Whether you are a dry fly enthusiast or an all day roll cast player you’ll appreciate the ease of use cast after cast. Once that target Critter is on the line, battle transmission is unmistakable as a mere 12”er fights far bigger on this truly parabolic action. Available in four piece models 2 weight thru the venerable 590-4. Two Old School back packer 6 piece models ( 380-6 & 590-6) round out this very popular offering.

Get classy with the Redington Classic Trout.

Line Recommendations:
Rio Gold
Rio InTouch Trout LT


All CORK Handle version/series. See Vapen Red and Black conversation.

Vapen. Red. Black.

Vapen Red / Black:

Both the Vapen Red and NEW Vapen Black (The Rod of “Darth Vapen” ) both feature the Redington Power Grip powered by the unique and highly effective Winn Grip technology that provides today’s angler a new age grip that lessens your grip on the handle creating less tension resulting in a more relaxed, effective format that increases accuracy and improves overall cast ability particularly in “Must Make” cast scenarios like Redfish , Bonefish and Alaskan, Kamchatka Mouse fest scenarios to name a few. The Stealth Black Blank Color of the Vapen Black series matches the rods overall attitude of blue collar, get ‘er done, no nonsense aptitude. Available in 5 thru 12 weights this Fast action series delivers across a wide range of angling challenges.

Go Vapen (standard) or with a little more flash with Vapen Red.
Needing something more. Try the stealthier - "Darth Vapen (Vapen Black).

Line Recommendations:
Rio InTouch Grand
Rio Bonefish QS for the salt scene


Just add water
Where performance, cast ability and value meet on the curve, the Redington PATH Rods and select Outfits provide excellent fish-a-bility for a wide range of Fresh and light duty Saltwater applications. PATH Rods are powered by an easy to cast, smooth, Medium-Fast Taper that everyone can get rolling with. Select Outfits in 4 thru 9 weight provide “Just Add Water” readiness in a value based proposition that is simply hard to beat!

Redington Path


Fast and Furious  - The barn burner!
While not for everyone the Redington Torrent Series is a barn burner of line speed application available in 3 thru 10 weight offerings . If your Casting “personality” leans toward Fast Action, blitzing cast tendencies this is one to string up and give a try.

Redington Torrent

Line Recommendations:
Rio InTouch Perception
Rio Intouch Rio Grand


A smooth operator
Interesting Stick here folks. True to form Medium-Fast action that leans back to the moderate side of things earmark this performance series of great value fly rods. An array of “Long Sticks” in 9’ ½”-10” range in 5 thru 7 weight provide the Steelhead, Hard Core Nymph and Lake chasers a super reliable offering at a sub $200. price point. This smooth operator is a “Go To” for many Northwest guides plying both Lake & Stream.

Redington Voyant

Line Recommendations:
Rio Gold
Rio Indicator II
Rio InTouch Xtreme Indicator


"Wallet Saving Fashion", Saltwater Focused!
Big Game performance in “Wallet Saving Fashion” brings the Predator to the forefront for an array of Anglers be it their first Saltwater Focused Fly Rod, a given trip “Backup stick” or an Alaskan Salmon beat down tool the Predator brings both strength and a battle tested report card to the table. Available in 6 thru 14 weights this reliable series will have you seeking out angling destinations without fear both near and far.

Redington Predator

Line Recommendations:
Rio Outbound Short Freshwater
Rio Outbound Short Tropical


Medium-fast Action graphite fly rod
Fly Fishing is complicated and expensive you say…. Naw, grab a Redington Crosswater Rod or better yet, get ya an Outfit and see just how easy it is to get started in this lifetime sport. Rods start at just $69.95 in 4 thru 9 weight two piece offerings with 4-PC Models @ $89.95 . Both 2 and 4 PC. Complete outfits make for great starter sets allowing the entry level angler plenty of room to grow in their new found sport.

Redington Crosswater

Line Recommendations:
Rio Mainstream Trout (the crosswater outfit line)
Rio Grand ( for novice casters)
Rio Gold

Redington Rods | RIO Fly Lines

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

Redington Form Game Rod 

The Form rod offers beginners and veteran fly casters alike a fun way to practice their casting and improve their form. Enough fun for the whole family!

Available in Lava Red and Wave Blue

Dec 2, 2014

Rio Chama gives up her Gold

November 21, 2014

My Two Hand Tour was to officially kick off at the start of the new year. But why wait! With fall fishing being some of the best I've seen, I have an overwhelming desire to tell you about it. Why wait until new years when it's happening now!

Wrestling Gold

So where the hell is this Rio Chama? 

"The Chama" as called by the locals is a Rio Grande Tributary that originates from the southern side of the San Juan Mountain range located in southern Colorado and joins the Rio Grande in New Mexico near the town of Espanola. It's considered one of the larger rivers in the state but still pretty small water especially in winter flows.

While not a bucket list fishery by any means if you're in the area during the fall/winter season you might just get lucky and find gold. Big Browns hide in the murky shadows of this small river and its a perfect place to swing streamers with a two hand rod.

Boron III TH-MS 4110-4

For this fishery I chose the Winston Boron III TH-MS 4110...Ok in English that is Winston's new 11 foot 4 weight Microspey. My reel choice was a Tibor Light Back Country CL Wide and my line was the Rio Scandi Short Versi-Tip in 320 Grain.

I experimented with a variety of flies that day but the proven choice would be a Solitudes' Sculpzilla in olive/black color and #8 in size.

This New Rod from Winston continues to impress me

I have really come to love how light and balanced it feels in hand. Never cumbersome. I've had enough time with it in my hands to really develop a working relationship with it. It's easy to understand and quite capable. I've yet to find any limitations to its abilities for the fishing it was designed for.

Tibor Back Country in Crimson Red
I originally purchased the Tibor Back Country for my Sage Bass Rod. With trout season in place I couldn't resist putting this reel to the test. Little did I know what a perfect fit it would be to the Winston MicroSpey. Balanced and with a smooth drag that can protect any tippet has made this reel a top choice in my arsenal. Maybe my fish engraving should have been a trout instead of the bass. Maybe I see another Tibor Back Country in my future. I'm crazy about the classic look of a solid back. The reel is surprisingly light for a solid back design but just right to balance this 11 foot stick. FYI...This reel scale weighted at 6.0 oz empty.

Small Water

I think I mentioned earlier, the Rio Chama River is small water especially for a two hand rod. That brings up a good topic of discussion. Are these rods too big for many small trout waters? The Rio Chama forces you to be versitile in the way of casting. If you're seeking long runs of wide moving water to quarter downstream cast and swing flies you might be disappointed with this river. While I did get to fish some water like this it didn't produce on this day. Instead I had to seek out the pocket water, foam lines, tail outs and undercuts.

He couldn't resist Sculpzilla doing the swing!

The real beauty of these small two hand rods is that if you think of it as a fly rod it will perform as a fly rod. Follow me here for a minute. First of all the MicroSpey gives the angler all the benefits of a two hand rod. Easy to cast good distances with sinking tips and larger than normal flies. Trust me these rods put the fun in two hand fishing. But they don't stop there! They can easily cast overhand and roll casts are amazing. On this day I had to pull off all these casts to find success. After this day I started to really think about my two hand rod in a different way. No longer is it that other type of fishing. It is my all fishing rod. It does what I need it to do, when I need to do it and does it better.

Line details

So Versatile
While I just claimed that this is my "all fishing rod" I need to give line detail a quick breakdown. For sure this topic is going to be a huge subject for the upcoming year but before I kill this article with line information overload let me point out that your line choices will fine tune what this rod does great. On this day I fished with the Rio Scandi Short Versitip. I have fished this line for over a year on various rods and all kinds of situations. It has become my standard (at least for now) "go to" line for the plain and simple reason that it is versatile. Being a Scandi taper it throws overhead casts quite well while this same taper is an awesome roll caster. Its also performs tight looped two hand casts to perfection. The versitips gives me choices for fishing depth. Of course it has limitations and those can include fly size and sink tip size. No one line will ever do everything! But that's one of the beauties of these rods. With a simple line change you can tune the rod to do different tactics. Like I said earlier we'll get more into lines at a later date. Even if I gave you all the line details I have now they'll all be out of date in another couple months anyway...Hint Hint! Some new lines are coming.

Finding Gold

Getting a Grip

As The Two Hand Tour continues onward my wish is to demonstrate what this rod really is. In my mind it's not just a spey rod, switch rod or a single hand fly rod, This rod is what I need it to be when I need it! The Rio Chama River was a great test for this and with the help of the MicroSpey it gave up some Gold!

Follow the Two Hand Troutin page


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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Dec 1, 2014

Weekly Fishing Report (December 1st)

Weekly Fishing Report (Comment below on your holiday fishing)

Check out the Gorge Fly Shop's Weekly Fishing Reports Page for local and surrounding lakes and rivers including the Deschutes, Klickitat the Hood, Lost Lake and surrounding bodies of water.

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