Nov 6, 2016

Columbia Gorge Fishing Report (11/06/2016)

Summer steelhead fishing has been steady throughout the area.  The Deschutes River gave up some fish last week for many of our local anglers.  Sink tips and bigger flies were producing better than the dry lines, but we did see a fish or two come up to eat small stuff on Scandi lines. Nobody is on the river, which is really nice.  We never saw those big 10+ fish days that the Deschutes is famous for, but hooking a fish makes it a good day of steelheading to me.
Deschutes Steel on the new G. Loomis Asquith!

The Klickitat River is in fine shape this weekend.  The last couple of weeks of the season can be hit or miss, but get it in while you can.  It closes Nov 30.  There are fish in the river.

No winter steelhead on the Hood River yet.

Trout fishing is closed at Laurance Lake, as well as most of the small streams in the area.  Lost Lake is still open and the fishing is phenomenal.  The fish are in shallow and chasing things.  You can strip big buggers really fast and the action is nonstop.

This little trout ate a small mayfly nymph on the Deschutes
Trout fishing on the Deschutes has been all over the place.  Ryan and I floated up high two weeks ago and it was really tough.  Others reported fishing to be great this last week.  Fish were eating really small stuff when we were out: BWOs, midges...  They should be mostly on caddis, but for whatever reason they weren't into them when we were there.

Bass fishing has been on the slower side of good, but they are still around in the Columbia if that's your thing.

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