Nov 27, 2023

Tibor Riptide - Gold is Back in Stock

It’s hard to argue with a classic saltwater reel in a classic color.  Back in stock….Tibor Riptide in Satin Gold.  Tibor has set a benchmark for quality and performance with their reels.  Saltwater Season is upon us, get geared up now!

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Nov 24, 2023

John's Wish List and Gift Ideas

Items listed below are definitely on my Christmas “Wish-List'' and for good reason. I don’t have them yet! Each item is high quality to ensure years of service to your fly fishing addiction. 


Light yet durable to last for years.

Fishpond has one of the best retractors, I believe on the market. Made of durable 60/60 Aerospace aluminum with a 33” cord, and the cord is 130 pound test braided nylon this little jewel has some reach and will give you years of use. Also sports a “Carabiner” type clip to keep it secure.  


Everything at your ready without being in the way!

If you are like me, when I’m fishing, I need a system to hold everything I may need for the day, BUT, the last thing I need is for that system/pack to be in my way. The Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading System solves both issues. A few things I like about this system: #1. It’s beautifully designed to carry what you need and with quick access, yet #2. The ability to slide the pack back and forth keeps everything out of the way until you need it. #3 It holds my net lower on my back and out of the way, unlike some of my other older packs where the net is held higher near my shoulders and often would snag on branches and brush and being 6’5” this was an annoying issue that the Switchback Pro System solved. 


Winston Air2 Max rod is a thing of beauty!

Without a doubt, the new Winston Air2 Max rod, which replaced the Alpha+ and Air2 Salt rods. Condensing and creating an easy casting rod that will shine in saltwater and freshwater situations that you find yourself in. If you require a rod that has feel with reserved power, this is your rod. Winston has done a great job, hitting a home run, with the new Air2 Max”! I don’t own this rod, yet, but I will. I’ve not had the pleasure of fishing this rod yet, but was deeply impressed with it casting on our casting platform. So much so, that when the time comes for me to need this rod, I will buy it! Unless of course Santa brings me one! I could only wish...

Cerecoil Stripping guides and Recoil Snake guides. Compared to normal stripping and snake guides these help eliminate bent guides.

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Nov 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving - From all of us at Gorge Fly Shop!

Travis, Lyndsey, Greg, Charlie, John, Mike, Karrie, Angie and Callum

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Nov 22, 2023

5th Annual SafeSpace Toy Drive Begins Today

More Details

Guess what time of year it's time for our SafeSpace toy drive 2023.  This marks our 5th year and it has become something that our staff and customers look forward to each year.  Your donations support a local organization whom provide a safe and as comfortable place for children who are the victims of abuse can have to be 

What most people do not know, is that while this specific one serves our local communities is that your community more than likely has one as well.  It's a place you do not know you need, until you do.  They are amazing and bring comfort and support.  

Lyndsey, Charlie, Terry, Karrie

When this began our customer/friend Terry Watson stepped up and has been a huge supporter year round to SafeSpace.  Pictured above he has provided backpacks and blankets.  Each backpack is filled with water bottle, shampoo, body soap, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, and more personal care items. These are given to children who come into SafeSpace and are placed in a foster care home or another safe space. This gives them their own personal things and brings comfort during a really tough time.

From all of us at Gorge Fly Shop we would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone for your continued support. May your Holiday Season be blessed.

GFS Team 

View Toy Drive Details

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Nov 21, 2023

Saltwater Boots - Defined

Guide to Saltwater Footwear

The devil is in the details.  Having the appropriate footwear for your saltwater trip is extremely important.  So important, in fact, that this one item can mean the difference between comfort and misery.  Simms Fishing Products has four great offerings to cover any saltwater wading situation.  Here's a breakdown of each boot and what their respective uses are:

Zipit II Flats Bootie

The Zipit II Booties are easy on and off and make for a great option when it's time to jump out of the boat quickly and pursue fish on foot.  They are light, comfortable and have a sturdy vulcanized rubber bottom to protect your feet from sharp objects you may encounter on a flat.  The Zipit is ideal for hard sand flats and fairly low mileage.  They do not have the support or protection in the upper that you would see in a more traditional flats boot.  Think of these booties as a quick and comfortable option for shorter wades and hard-packed sand. 
  • Matching socks:  Wet Wading Sock or barefoot   

Flyweight Access Wet Wading Shoe

This shoe is designed to put on more miles than the Zipit II.  The foot bed has a great combination of support and cushion.  They feel similar to a lot of popular low top hiking shoes and the shoe-like style provides more protection for your feet.  The cinchable upper cuff seals tightly around your ankle keeping debris at bay.  This boot is a freshwater/saltwater crossover and comes with a soft and grippy sole.  With that in mind, this particular sole would not be a great option if you have to walk on a lot of jagged coral.  Some is fine, but too much will cause punctures.
  • Matching socks:  Wet Wading Sock  

Flats Sneaker

If you're looking for one set of do-everything saltwater boots, this is the way to go.  The Flats Sneaker is similar in design to traditional wading boots, but much lighter.  They have plenty of support and cushioning to keep you comfortable on long days wading the flats.  The abrasion-resistant outer fabric keeps your feet safe from coral, shells, urchins and any other pokey thing you may run across.  The sole is soft enough to be grippy on rocks and coral, but hard enough to resist puncture.  Pair with a set of guard socks to keep the sand out and you're dialed to tackle any flats wading situation.
  • Matching socks:  Wet Wading Sock, Neoprene Wading Sock, Guard Sock  

Freesalt Wading Boot

This boot is a nod to saltwater anglers fishing in colder coastal climates while wearing waders.  It is essentially the ever-popular Freestone Boot tricked out for the salt.  They feature a non-marring sole making them friendly on the deck of a boat.  They also have a TPU sheet in the sole to accommodate studs for picking around the most rugged jetties and shorelines.  
  • Wear with waders

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Nov 20, 2023

Callum's Gift Ideas

Stocking Stuffer 

Fishpond Headgate tippet holder is a great gift for any fisherman/woman in your life. They make them in two sizes. The regular size can fit up to 7 standard tippet spools and includes an integrated line cutter. THe XL can fit 5, 4 inch spools or 13 standard spools. The regular size is perfect for anyone from a beginner to a guide. The XL is great for guides and Saltwater specialists. Even if they have a tippet holder already, adding another one can be very useful for greater organization. 

Mid Priced 

There is nothing worse than getting to the water and forgetting a critical piece of outerwear. This tote is a great size for all their essential outerwear for a day out on the water. The integrated padded changing mat will help save their waders neoprene booties and the mesh side ports will help the drying process before they get home to hang dry. Once dry throw all your gear back in and you're ready to go for another outing. They come in two different colors: a camo olive drab and Anvil which is a lovely grey. 

High Priced 

With rods and reel prices going up, it is evermore important to protect your investments. This case has room for two 9.5 ft rods broken in half with dividers for each rod section with the reel attached to the rods. The case also allows you to fully rig up two single hand rods with flies on then break them down in half to store. By doing this your rods are protected but can be ready to fish in a moment's notice. I have taken this case on multi day raft trips through class IV rapids and this case kept my rods safe and sound with integrated tie down points and crush proof construction.

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Sage Enforcer - Flats Ready

Sage Enforcer reels priced just right for your budget and with a free fly line valued up to $99.95 you cannot pass it up.

With a fine tuned drag system with the quality and performance you would expect from it's much higher end competition.

We maybe in Oregon but our travels take us all over the world seeking out fish that cruise the flats, or the deeper blue water.  We look forward to answering your questions and getting you ready for you next Saltwater trip!

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