Apr 19, 2019

Hatch Professional Leaders and Tippet

Hatch Outdoors is on a forever quest to advance the sport of fly fishing. In doing so this group of hard core saltwater enthusiast recognized a week spot in this high stakes pursuit. Leaders and Tippet.

Reaching for the premium grade sources direct from Japan, Hatch has assembled a complete series to fill the needs of saltwater anglers worldwide who pursue all species from bonefish to billfish.

Professional Series Fluorocarbon Leaders

High Grade Japan, Premium Fluorocarbon 9 foot tapered leaders from 8lb to 20lb. Features low memory, high abrasion resistance and hand tied perfection loops.

Professional Series Fluorocarbon Saltwater Tippet

Features two of the best grades of fluorocarbon extruded into a single tippet. Rely on quality connections through consistent diameter and superior strength.

Professional Series Fluorocarbon Leader Material

For those who prefer to build their own leaders, Hatch Professional Series Leader Material will give you confidence in your connections with it's consistent diameter and soft texture.

Professional Fluorocarbon Shock Tippet

The ultimate choice for your big game leaders

Professional Medium/Hard Monofilament Leader Material

There are times the properties of monofilament excel such as creating floating leaders. Featuring a proprietary surface treatment Hatch Monofilament material has reliable diameters, smooth texture and enhanced UV protection.

Find them all Here at "The Gorge"


"The Gorge"

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Apr 17, 2019

Hatch Custom Shop Fly Reels - Color Kelp

Hatch Custom Color Kelp

Just in! Custom Shop Kelp

New Hatch Custom Shop Fly Reels - Color Kelp

We have sizes 3 Plus thru 9 Plus in Large Arbor. Limited Edition and Limited Quantity.

Check out our entire selection of Custom Shop Reels from Hatch, Abel, Nautilus and Tibor


"The Gorge"

Gorge Fly Shop Team - 541.386.6977

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Apr 15, 2019

April 15, 2019 - New Store Officially Opens!

Official Opening

Dust is still settling and still much decorating to do but early on this date Gorge Fly Shop officially unlocked NEW doors to the public at 9:30am.

It seemed only logical to go ahead and switch to our summer hours of operation.
  • Mon - Sat 9:30 - 6:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 4:00
It's been long overdue to have a place to call our own and a long road from start to "almost" finished. I don't think Travis or Lyndsey have hardly had time to sleep in the past couple weeks. 


 Gorge Fly Shop

Directions: From Portland head I-84 E to Hood River Exit 64 or otherwise known as the bridge exit. Hang a right (south) onto to Hwy 35 heading toward Mt.Hood. Travel approx 6 miles and turn right on Neal Creek Mill Rd. Shortly after turn left on Lower Mill Dr. Follow Lower Mill Dr. to address 3200

A Brief History

Where to start! How about a brief history of this new, old building. Basically, we bought a warehouse. The large building was actually an old lumber storing/drying building for the local log mill. While the outside is modern steel siding the inside reveals its rough cut timber bones. 

Most of these buildings are long gone but the one all the way in the back remains and is our new home

Since this large building was much more than needed for our fly shop business the majority of is and will remain commercial storage. Call Travis if you need some commercial storage space.

Construction Starts

The decision was made to locate the fly shop on the south end of the warehouse. Construction started with tearing up the old rough concrete floor. 

Walls were erected for retail space, office, shipping department and product warehousing. Travis also utilized the overhead space into a second floor for additional office space for lease. Call Travis for info.

Since new concrete floor was in order we decided to install radiant heating and acid stain to create a finished flooring. 

Priority Retail

With the clock ticking, a date was already set to vacate the old brick and mortar of Hood River and time was running out. The paint hardly had time to dry when Simms had sent a team in to install the new displays. 

Sage, Winston and G.Loomis contributed as well with the large banners installed behind the new rod racks. 

Meanwhile the concrete team was finishing up the front porch with a stamped old lumber finish under the wood framed porch. 

The Final Days

The new fly tray system was already assembled and loaded at the old store and now ready to move into place. 
Aside from moving all the fixtures and inventory, the last week also included the hook up of a brand new phone system and high speed internet system. 
The entire switch took place without interrupting daily e-commerce operations. Nobody's order was delayed due to our move. That in itself was quite a feat. 

We're Open and Running

Still much to do but the finish is now in sight. As this long road nears the end we turn our attention to the future. 
Long time customer and good friend Steve Turner was the first to walk through our new door. Good to see you Steve!

Thank You

To all who have walked through our old doors, called us, ordered from us online, we owe all of this new future to you. Your continued support has made this possible and all of us at "The Gorge" Thank You. 

Also like to Thank Jeremy Muenzer Construction and crew and Jason Peterson Concrete for all their hard work and dedication to finish on time and building a great looking store. 

Join us

In the next couple months as we are settling in we are also preparing for our Grand Opening Party to take place at the start of summer on June 22nd. On this Saturday we invite everyone to come out and celebrate the new store. There will be manufacture representatives on hand with demo equipment, great deals and food. More details to come!

The Deschutes River Alliance and Fly Fishing Collaborate will have booths set up to share all the good stuff that's happening. Travis has made the commitment to donate 5% of the days in store sales to each of these organizations. 

A few more photos...

Flies will never be this organized again

Thanks Simms

Room for full length assembled spey rods

Massive stock room - not quite done

"27 years and Growing!" 


"The Gorge"

Gorge Fly Shop Team - 541.386.6977

Apr 11, 2019

Please stand by

Lot's to do today. We are in transition all day. Hopefully transferring our phone number to the new location will be painless. Please stand by while we move all our computer equipment. Email will still be the easiest way to communicate with us today.

Thank you for your patience. - The Gorge Fly Shop Team
3200 Lower Mill Dr, Hood River, OR 97031, USA

Apr 10, 2019

Deschutes River Trout Opener

Deschutes River Trout

(April 22)

The lower Deschutes River is arguably one of the best trout streams in the west. Rainbow trout, “redsides” are available year round between the Northern Warm Springs Indian Reservation and the Mouth of the Deschutes. The open section has very robust numbers of fish and angling opportunities are numerous. This time of year anglers should look for Blue Winged Olives, March Browns and Swallas for surface fishing. Nymp fishing opportunities are everywhere. Swinging flies with a “trout spey” is also effective.

On April 22 nd, the Deschutes river opens upstream of the reservation boundary, this is the Deschutes opener. These upriver fish have not seen a fly since last year! The section from Warm Springs boat ramp to Trout Creek is known as “the day stretch”, and is easily the busiest section of the river for trout fishing, and for good reason! Access is good up and down the east bank from Mecca Flats to Trout Creek, there is
a trail that runs the river for this distance. Access on the west bank is the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. The tribes grant access from Dry Creek to the Jefferson County line if you have a Tribal Pass.

Deschutes River Trout
Fish On!

The multi day section from Trout Creek to Maupin also opens up and is best done over three or four days. Note anglers floating below Trout Creek should go with a guide or be very experienced boat operators. There are dangerous rapids below and boats are lost each season. The section below trout creek has the best scenery on the river and some of the best trout fishing around. Campgrounds are numerous and well marked. No angling from floating device is the law of the land on the lower Deschutes, angling is done wading the river. The Deschutes is big and has strong current, more so in the spring with runoff, anglers should take care stepping off her banks. The spring is also when the Deschutes Redsides are spawning so take care where you are wading and do not, I repeat do not fish the redds!

Five and six weight rods, floating lines and good reels are recommended for these fish. Anglers should be prepared to nymph fish with an open eye for fish feeding on the surface. Your local fly shop can hook you up with leaders, tippet, flies, strike indicators and other necessary fly fishing gear. Be sure to have some pat’s stones’, crazy legs or the like and variety of bead head flies in the 14 to 16 size.

A couple things to remember:
  • ODFW fishing Lisence
  • CTWS Tribal Permit (if applicable)
  • Deschutes River Boaters Pass (if applicable)
  • Deschutes River Boaters Guide

Sam Sickles
(541) 400-0855

Apr 9, 2019

RIO's How To; How to tie a Dropper

Simon Gawesworth demonstrates four different methods to tie a dropper rig. These methods include a surgeon knot, tippet ring, "New Zealand" dropper and swiveling dropper. In addition to these methods Simon identifies some key points that will increase the effectiveness of your dropper rig.

A convenient way to tie a dropper rig is to employ a RIO Tippet Ring. Tie one of these small rings to the end of your leader and tie your point fly and dropper fly leads from the tippet ring. A great feature of the tippet ring it can increase the life of your main leader. Tippet rings come in small trout sizes as well as large steelhead sizes.


"The Gorge"

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Apr 5, 2019


1.) YES, We are moving.
2.) YES, We built a new showroom in Hood River!
3.) When will the new showroom be open to the public? (April 15th) 
3200 Lower Mill Dr., Hood River, OR 97031
4.) When is 201 Oak St. closing to the public (April 7th).
5.) Is Gorge Fly Shop closing? NO! We built a new store. See numbers 1-3.

Tomorrow is the last public day to come see us....We hope to see you soon!

 #GorgeFlyShopMove #NewShowroom #NewStore #HoodRiverCounty


"The Gorge"

Gorge Fly Shop Team - 541.386.6977
New Address April 15th: 
3200 Lower Mill Dr., Hood River, OR 97031

"Fly Fish the World with Us"


Apr 4, 2019

New Storefront Updates (Ground Breaking News)


In early November (2018), Gorge Fly Shop started work on what will be our future home. Just minutes away from busy downtown Hood River with plenty of parking for fully outfitted fly fishing rigs and travelers alike. Oh Yeah, and our parking will be free!

New Retail Storefront to open on April 15th, 2019


04.4.19 UPDATE


The staff room is near complete. The "front porch" has been poured and stamped. A fancy new sign that was gifted to us has been hung. Flow wall panels have been hung on the back wall.

04.3.19 UPDATE

The paint has dried and electrical is about done and the good ol' interweb will be installed later today. Things are coming together at an alarming rate.

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