Oct 9, 2018

Echo 3 Saltwater Fly Rods - A Customer Review

I've just field tested the Echo 3 Saltwater 990-4 with a RIO InTouch Outbound Short Fly Line. First cast, hoping it would feel right, and it did. Nice smooth pickup and quick response. The wraps on the guides are even and well done. The reel seat has double locking rings that never moved during a Full day of casting, and catching Albies + Stripers. On 3 occasions I had fish deep into the backing. Long hard fights with a good bend in the rod. I'm happy. For a first day on the water we certainly gave it a workout. I'm ready for more! GB

Thanks GB.
We love to hear your stories and see you pictures. It's why we fish and why we sell great fly fishing gear.


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Oct 3, 2018

Passion or Prestige - Why are you fishing

Passion or Prestige
Do you see the face of a hunter?
Not sure title fits but what the heck, let's give it a try...

Let me just start this off with a bit of personal background. As of the time of this writing I am mere days of age 52. I've fished in some form most of my life. Some of my earliest memories are fishing in the grandparents farm pond. I've collected a books worth of fishing memories thus far in life and my everyday wish is to add to those memories. I've fished with a lot of great anglers, I'm willing to shared my knowledge and I've spent a lot of time fishing alone.

Something that has become clear to me recently is that not all anglers get the same thing from fishing as I do. Just to clarify, I'm not writing about the difference of sport verses harvest anglers. I believe most anglers quickly recognize that distinction. What I'm really noticing is the difference between passion or prestige.

To reiterate, maybe these are unfair titles but you decide what might fit better after I describe what I've witnessed.

I'll use myself as my base point. I'm passionate about sport fishing no matter the where, how, when or what are the locations or the quarry. Bluegill to steelhead, snapper to tarpon, it's all good to me. I can enjoy fishing a puddle and have been fortunate enough to fish some famed waters. The passion for me is the same.
I believe I am truly a passionate angler.

So there is no misunderstanding, believe me I do recognize the varying levels of commitment, skill, challenge and reward associated with various fish species and/or fish locales.

But I notice a distinct difference in many other anglers. I want to be careful here and avoid saying that maybe they are not passionate about angling. But there seems to be many that without hesitation shrug off most forms of fishing as mere simple pleasures. They seem to always seek out conversations involving the higher profiles. If it doesn't include a passport stamp then why bother.
Some go as far to show absolute no interest unless they are fishing the top of the food chain. Many would go a year without even wetting a line just to spend a few days in pursuit of a prestigious trophy.

I personally don't share in or understand this philosophy.

Prestige or is it Romance
It no longer surprises me to be in an airport with a fly rod tube to have someone try to strike up a conversation with me about the beautiful art of fly fishing. They most always clearly have a "River Runs Through It" idealistic image of what it is to fly fish while trying to describe casting with waving arms and starry eyes.

While it is easy to buy into the attention, what my new found friend is completely unaware of is it's not some graceful art that drives my passion. The art is in the deception of my quarry. Sure I appreciate a great form fly cast but I'm much more interested in the cast that catches fish, graceful or not!
In these situations I have just learned to smile and agree with my new friend while hoping they are not going to be seated next to me on my flight. Life is too short to try and paint them a new image through my words of my definition of a modern fly angler.

I'm not in this for a prestigious ego petting. But, if you've been doing this for as long as I have I bet you know at least one angler, if not many, who is seeking this ego petting.

As I continue on just let me continue to clarify that I'm not saying this is a wrong pursuit. It's just different.

So why do I feel different
Personally I don't want to go very long without fishing, certainly no way a year. Not even a month really. I enjoy the challenge of any fish species and if I find no challenge than maybe I need to consider a tougher tactic. I've caught bass on soft hackles, catfish on poppers, carp on streamers and I remember every one of those catches. Certainly not the most effective techniques to apply to these species but as in the words found somewhere in midwest redneck philosophy "There's more than one way to skin a cat"!

Yes, I have some limits. I don't care for fishing put and take trout stocks, I'm not going to partake in snagging, and I have no interest in fishing with live bait. My fishing passion absolutely relies on the pure trickery through artificial means of the species I pursue.

As I'm writing this I'm just minutes away from joining a great group of anglers on a well known steelhead river. It's quite prestigious. I'm happy for the opportunity and seek to embrace the challenge.

I'm not going to share to you about the great weather and wonderful scenery in cover of a failed outing nor will I feed you instagram images for the next 30 days displaying my unwavering skill level. You see I don't need your validation. That's not why I fish.

My question I want you to ask yourself is, Why do you fish?

Greg Darling 

"My Passion For Fishing Is A Lifelong Pursuit Of Discovery"

Oct 1, 2018

Fall & Winter Hours in affect


Starting today October 1st: Fall and Winter hours.

Monday - Saturday Open 9:30am to 5:30pm 
CLOSED in-store on Sundays. We will still be available for Online help and Phone calls/orders on Sundays 10am to 4pm. Pacific Time.


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Monday - Saturday Open 9:30am to 5:30pm and Closed in-store on Sundays.
Sunday online and phone support available 10am to 4pm

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Sep 30, 2018

Columbia Gorge Fishing Report 9/30/18


ODFW and WDFW released some important closure information the other week regarding the Columbia River for steelhead and salmon. Fishing for either and retention is prohibited effective September 13th until further notice. This effects the main stem Columbia River from Buoy 10 to the OR/WA border upstream of McNary Dam. Night angling upstream to OR/WA border is also closed.

However, this shouldn't effect much of the fly anglers as we typically target the tributaries more for Salmon/Steelhead, it should hopefully make the fishing a little better.

Steelhead: While numbers are indeed low, the fishing hasn't been too bad. In fact, a couple friends have hooked and landed some fairly large summer fish recently and I've hooked/lost a couple nice ones lately as well. The Klickitat still has some fairly low flows over there and with the clear water it begs for much smaller/less obtrusive flies. The salmon push out the steelhead from their typical lies so they are generally found in the shallower water. Water temps have also dropped slightly over there too. I've been seeing a bit of October Caddis flying around and have stuck to the muddler program, either fished as a skater on a light wire hook for surface disruption or on a heavier iron swung in the surface film.

New sword: Burkheimer 6139-4 with an Airflo Delta Spey II 6/7 - A match made in heaven!

The Deschutes is fishing from sun up to sun down. A common misconception is that when the sun is up folks think you must fish down deep with tips. While there is some elemental aspects the sun plays, you certainly can fish floating lines all day on that river providing you're swinging your fly away from the sun rather than into it. Sometimes its more satisfactory to fish your methods of choice until they prevail, as apposed to waiting for prevailing conditions. But, I'm not here to judge as long as you're having fun and treating the fishery with respect. Steelhead are throughout the entire lower Deschutes this time of year, which offers the ability for anglers to spread out some and find a little more solitude.

Trout: I just got back from an annual trip to Montana that I take every year with my Dad. It's always a blast and for some reason we always seem to catch some funky weather. This year it was a bit of wind, mixed with some rain and even hail. Dry fly fishing was just so-so, but the streamer action was a blast. I missed a couple pigs but found plenty of fish in the 18-22" range.

 This guy sure had a neat looking head. I love streamer eating browns!

Our longtime guide/friend, Michael Guerin is always a blast to fish with. He is a wealth of knowledge with a couple fisheries science degrees. After growing up steelhead/salmon fishing in Washington, he's been a premier Florida Key's guide for Permit, Tarpon, Bonefish for the last 30 years. He's guided SE Alaska's Spring Steelhead based off a "mothership" boat and utilizing jetboats to access rivers, and has tackled the Montana trout program for a decade and a half. Have fish a question? He most likely has an answer. On top of that he's also got one of the priestliest boats on the water that only took him a few hundred labor hours to build- a fiberglass/wood stitch low-sider that's perfect for Montana's Missouri River. It's always a pleasure to get on the water with him and hear his stories. Last Christmas he sent me a Russell Chatham book, Dark Waters, which is a great read for those who like essays, stories, and articles that are more based on exploits with friends regarding hunting, fishing, food, and life changes. It diverges a bit from traditional fishing lore, and Chatham is clearly a fan of Rodrick Haig-Brown as his literature reflects it. I highly recommend it to any readers out there.  

Montana is a trout factory. Regardless of the fishing, the trips there never disappoint. 

I don't have a good first hand report for the local trout(ings). But, the Caddis hatches are still going strong on the Deschutes and we're definitely seeing some October Caddis in the mix too. The higher creeks and lakes are slowing down some as the water cools off, but it doesn't mean the fishing has to stop just yet. Lost Lake Resort does close down this October 1st, but you should still be able to access the lake for a little while longer.

Warmwater: Fishing for smallies and carp has also slowed down on the big Columbia some as it too is experiencing some colder water. No longer are we seeing the consistent top water bite for the bass and it's primarily moved back to baitfish patterns that're fished deeper. Over on the John Day water has risen slightly, but the bass fishing should still be good.

As always, we are happy to talk fishing anytime. Give us a call if you have any specific questions on local rivers, gear, and tactics, or if you just want some encouragement to get out of the office.

Local Fishing Information

Bookmark our new link to Weather, Stream Conditions and Fishing Licenses

Cody Booth
Gorge Fly Shop | Product Specialist

Sep 25, 2018

Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boot Review

Re-post from 2/27/2017
Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boots still going strong. Also be sure to check out the new Wraptor Wading boots

Reality is, buying wading boots is pretty low on the thrill factor in the acquisition of fly fishing paraphernalia. I've never seen an angler run into our fly shop just to touch and feel the new boots. Fly rods, fly reels, yes!...Boots, not so much.

Many years of wading experience has taught me this, improper fitting wading boots will make your feet and your fishing suffer! Are poor fitting, poor traction, poor functioning boots causing your fishing to suffer? Maybe we should get more excited about wading boots. If your feet stay warm longer, feel comfortable and supported, provide confidence in safety and wading ability then one can assume that a great pair of wading boots really should be capable of improving our fish-ability.

Korkers Darkhorse has improved my fishing

The New Darkhorse Wading Boot comes to us equipped with all the best Korkers time proven features while built with an emphasis on durability without compromising lightweight, comfortable function. Once this platform had been established Korkers fitted in, without compromise, an additional technology providing Achilles Stabilization known as 3PFS. 3PFS stands for 3 Ply Fit System.  The 3PFS system helps lock the foot in place for a more comfortable and secure fit.

In my testing I found the 3PFS system cradles without binding my ankles movements therefore giving me support I need for tough wading and freedom of movement for comfort and speedy trail hiking.

Korkers Darkhorse Features - 


After 10 years of testing Korkers BOA Lacing system boots without a single failure I can say without hesitation I find the benefits of BOA an asset not only in the entry and removal of wading boots but also in the ability to maximize stream comfort with precision lacing pressure. Darkhorse utilizes the same proven BOA M2 that all current Korkers BOA equipped boots use and function has been flawless.


Protected Triple Stitching
Molded TPU Toe Cap attached with Protected Triple Stitching. Click the picture to see a closeup. The toe cap is attached with the stitching embedded in this tough TPU material thereby keeping it out of contact with damaging abrasive contact.

OmniTrax 3.0 Sole System

You got to appreciate the versatility of this system. Choose your traction! OmniTrax offers options like AlumaTrax when your safety is the only option, felt to keep your guide happy in his drift boat and Kling-On Tread for long hikes. Whatever your need, there is an option for great traction.

AlumaTrax Soles

Fast Drying

Darkhorse utilizes Hydrophobic upper material with ultra abrasion resistance and tonal camo pattern

Internal Drainage

This is one of my personal favorite Korkers features found on all their boots. The internal drainage ports direct water down and out the bottom of the boots allowing for a complete drain when exiting water. No sloshing down the trail. You can actually feel the water drain away the moment you step out of the stream.

In my testing I've noticed these boots do dry fast. I believe that has to be contributed to the fast drying materials and the internal out the bottom drainage. It's a great feature when your travel requires you to pack them in the luggage the morning after a great fishing trip.

Boot Conclusion

I wasn't born a great angler. I have to fight for it. I'm all about seeking every possible asset that can potentially improve my fishing game. I feel like Korkers and I have a lot in common. For instance Korkers wasn't born into greatness, they had to fight for it. Korkers continues to reach for every possible asset to improve upon which over many years has resulted in an innovative competitive line of products. The philosophy of Korkers mirrors my own in that perfection is a long never ending road of constant strive toward research, discovery and improvement. That long road to success is clearly evident in this latest innovated Darkhorse wading boot from Korkers.

I have on hand a pretty nice collection of wading boots to chose from but after clocking many hours over several days in the New Darkhorse, these are the boots I find myself automatically reaching for. Function and comfort level have exceeded my expectations. My wading confidence has greatly increased. The adaptable traction system is solid and provides options to optimize performance for any stream bottom, terrain and/or seasonal weather conditions. I absolutely believe Korkers Darkhorse wading boots have played a part in improving my fishing!

Our fishing industry has overwhelmed us with more then enough wading boot choices but if I were to bet on a dark horse, I'm placing my bet on the New Korkers Darkhorse!


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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Read more of Greg's Post

Sep 23, 2018

New Women's Clothing from Simms

Left to right: Primaloft Blend Flannel, Fleece Midlayer Half Zip, Guide Insulated Shirt, Cold Weather Pants

New for fall 2018 from Simms. Four new women's items to keep you warm this winter.

Simms PrimaLoft Blend Flannel - Admiral Blue Plaid
Soft brushed blend of cotton and polyester will provide comfort while on the water or in town. Features a feminine fit and PrimaLoft Black Yarns.

Simms Women's Fleece Midlayer Half Zip - Teal
Fall fishing absolutely requires smart layering. I good layer piece can stand alone or work along side with under layers and outer shells. Fleece Midlayer Half Zip is designed to accomplish this perfectly. Grid-fleece interior provides breathable warmth while the smooth outer face provides low-friction layering without limiting range of movement. Features zippered chest pocket and thumbhole sleeves.

Simms Women's Guide Insulated Shirt - Mermaid Plaid
Good reasons to call this a "Guide" shirt. This full flannel starts with Dri-Release shell then add Primaloft insulation in the sleeves. Long back hem provides additional coverage. It's wicking, anti-odor and UPF50. A tailored fit allows for free range motion to cast or pull oars. All this and 2 chest pockets. Guide tested...Guide approved!

Simms Women's Coldweather Pant
Simms Gore-tex Waders are the highest tech waders found on earth. Get the full potential out of them by wearing proper clothing under them. Polartec Thermal Pro fabric provides breathable insulation without bulk. In addition to performance warmth the Women's Coldweather pant wears with casual style and comfort. Slip out out your waders and your ready to head to town for a cold one.

Women's Sportswear Top Size Chart

Women's SizesBust*Sleeve*
S (4-6)34" - 36"31"
M (8 - 10)36" - 38"32"
L (12 - 14)38" - 41"33"
XL (16 - 18)41" - 44"33"
* These are body measurements

Women's Sportswear Size Chart

Women's SizesWaist*Hip*Inseam*
S (4-6)28" - 30"36" - 38"31"
M (8 - 10)28" - 30"38" - 40"31"
L (12 - 14)30" - 33"40" - 43"31"
XL (16 - 18)33" - 36"43" - 46"31"
* These are body measurements
**This is garment measurement - inseam measured from crotch to ankle

Find Women's Fly Fishing Gear at "The Gorge"


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Sep 22, 2018

Fall | Winter Shop Hours


Fall is here! Winter is upon us and our hours have changed. Starting October 1st we begin our Fall and Winter hours.

Monday - Saturday Open 9:30am to 5:30pm in store and online.
Closed in-store on Sundays. We will still be available for Online Help and Phone calls/orders on Sundays 10am to 4pm. Pacific Time
Gorge Fly Shop Store Hours Change

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Monday - Saturday Open 10am to 5:30pm and Closed in-store on Sundays.
Sunday online & phone support available 9:30am to 4pm

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Sep 21, 2018

The Wader Maker

Simms made a video, here's what they had to say.

20 years ago. I started working with Simms. I've been involved with the way your production ever since.

The Wader Maker
Wader tested, Simms approved.
First off we start with with premium ingredients just like you're cooking, you know and then after we get to the ingredients we get to design and the fit, then we make it here in the US by people that care.

There's a tremendous amount of steps that go into making waders, some of our models over a hundred and fifty different steps. Every little stitch every little piece of glue has been made by us here. There's accountability, ownership and responsibility that goes in people scrutinize over every single wader here it has to be visually, beautiful and perfect.

The thought process behind it in the detail and the research and field testing if something didn't work we try to figure out how to fix it. We know when they were made the day also who worked on them some things like neoprene feet. Whoever makes those feet, they sign it a little bit like a work of art. Every pair of waders we make is tested. You got to fill every single one of those waders with water and inspect them for leaks and then you got to drain them, and then you got to turn them inside out and then you got to hang them up and dry out and then package them.

Trying to push the progression of materials and technologies to make things better for anglers on the water, you can't do that without a company that has people that wear waders all the time.

There's not a lot of wader manufacturers in the world, but I'm proud to say we're the last major manufacturer in the United States. It’s important to me and important of the team.

Find your perfect Simms Wader


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