Nov 22, 2022

John's Gift Picks Christmas 2022

Team Member John Garrett


Winston Boron III TH MS (Microspey) 3106-4 
If you love fishing with a two handed rod, you are going to lose your mind with the Winston Boron III TH MS. If you’re looking for your first Trout Spey rod well then, you’re gonna thank me later. To date it is one of my favorite rods when fishing for trout. I can swing soft hackles, indicator fish with it if I felt like it, or throw just about any size streamer with the 3 weight 10’ 6” model. Has great feel to it, you can actually feel the rod load easily, power where you need it but without sacrificing the feel.

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Simms GTS Spey Rod & Reel Vault
Gone are the days of having to duct tape your rod tubes together when traveling just to make it easier to do so. It’s been a long time coming, not because this is new to the market, but that we now have them in stock and it’s the easiest way to travel with Spey rods, reels and essentials. I think of all the money I have tied up in Spey rods and reels and how difficult it is to move them around when traveling abroad or just to my local river while at the same time protecting my investment. These vaults are crush resistant and super durable, the only thing that’s getting crushed here is hopefully a few Steelhead.

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Fishpond Tacky Pescador Fly Boxes 

With room for a couple hundred flies, if you were to run out, you might look for a new hobby. What I like about these boxes is that you don’t have to insert the hook point into the silicone pad itself, which eventually would ruin it but you simply insert the hook into the tight pre-slotted grooves. At first I didn’t have much confidence in the holding power of the slots, but I must say, they hold the flies extremely well. They are also fairly streamlined and not too big that I can't just throw them in my wader pouch and go.

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