Nov 22, 2022

Charlie's Gift Picks - 2022

Team Member Charlie Piette

Big Ticket:


It’s time to get serious about winter trout fishing! On many days, indicator nymph fishing is the best game in town. The Air II 596 gives you a little extra reach for managing your line. It has enough power to combat the wind with a weighted rig, but a soft enough tip to double as a great dry fly rod when the hatch comes off. It’s a home run gift for the trout angler on your list.

Price Point:

We’re in the thick of the rainy and snowy season. Quality rain gear is a must. I recently picked up a G3 Guide Jacket and have gotten to put it through the paces in some all-day soakers. This jacket is a winner. It has a great hood that offers plenty of coverage without blocking your view. The cuffs put a tight seal around your wrists keeping your arms dry when rowing a boat. The stretchy fabric is ideal when you have to bulk up with extra layers.

Stocking Stuffer:

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Pouch
People are always struggling to find a safe place to keep their valuables when fishing. Look no further! The Thunderhead Pouch is fully waterproof/submersible and comes with convenient die cut loops for securing to a bag or raft frame. It’s perfect for storing your keys, wallet, phone and other small items you want to keep dry.

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