Jul 12, 2018

Scientific Anglers Frequency Double Taper Fly Line

Whether you believe in Double Taper fly lines or not one cannot argue the advantages this taper has. Roll casting and Mending are superior actions with a double taper line.
Some anglers like the idea that they can turn the line around and get virtually new line to fish with next season.
Whatever the reason hard core double taper anglers have you can bet this...Double Tapers are here to stay.

Scientific Anglers Frequency Double Taper is built on a cost effective format with a price to match. You won't find all the latest technologies but what you will find is a solid performing fly line. It's made to be versatile in all weather conditions. Features a braided core. It has a welded loop on one end.

Specs -
Order #Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length

Frequency Double Taper is a great all around fly line that excels at dry fly applications as well as an effective nymph fishing line.

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