Jul 13, 2018

A solid foundation - Sage Foundation

A stalker, quietly waiting in patient suspension, seeking his target, ready for attack. Confident in ability gained from precision reliable tools. Target is sighted, fly rod brought to load, fly is delivered on time and accurately! Success is achieved by honed skills and confidence in the tool.

Sage Foundation Fly Rods offer anglers a USA built tool that they can confidence in its accuracy, precision and ability, for a price that even the imports can't compete with.

Yeah! I probably should have saved all those fancy words for a $1k stick but I wanted to make a point. A statement of sorts! You will fish better with a fly rod that you will find confidence and pride in no matter what the price. What Sage Foundation offers the angler is a USA built, precision fly rod with strong abilities that can be achieved by beginner anglers and maximized by expert anglers.

What do I like about it?

Step aside from its relaxed casting stroke and here are a few details I like about Foundation.

It has a very comfortable grip. I especially appreciate the snub wells cork handles on 4 thru 6 weights for both for comfort and accuracy. My theory is that the front thumb ramp helps anglers give a more direct push to their intended target thus providing a greater level of accuracy over standard reverse wells grip rods.

I also appreciate it's stealth black blank color. I don't feel a need to have my rod on display in the midst of other anglers. Yes, I have a fly rod. I don't need your judgement about how much I spent on it. I always get a laugh with the angler that displays his high dollar stick and then follows that up with his inability to cast it.

I also appreciate the straight forward aluminum reel seat. Nothing fancy, just life long, reliable, non-glaring, strong reel seat.
I like the nylon rod tube with divided liner. While the aluminum tubes that come with higher end rods are pretty to look at, trust me you pay for them. The lesser nylon divided tubes are less clunky when traveling and faster to retrieve or stow your equipment.

If you ever need it, covered by Sage lifetime, original owner warranty.

Sage Foundation Fly Rods come in many popular sizes and well as complete Foundation Outfits including Sage 2200 Series reel, backing, RIO fly line and leader. Just add fly!
Foundation Outfit

ModelHandleLengthLineTube Size (in)Weight (oz)
490-4A9'431"2 7/8
590-4A9'531"3 1/16
690-4A9'631"3 1/4
691-4B9'631"3 11/16
790-4B9'731"3 11/16
890-4B9'831"3 13/16

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