Dec 2, 2017

Airflo Streamer Max Shovelhead Fly Line - New for 2018

Do you like to throw big streamers!? There is a growing society of big fish hunters and they are demanding equipment to enable success. Musky, Pike, Browns, Rainbows and even Big Bass hunters like myself are taking note of every new articulated fly, powerhouse rod and most important, a line that will carry the cargo.

Designed by Kelly Galloup. The New Airflo Shovelhead features an innovative double weight-forward design to help cast the burliest articulated flies while the fast-sink head gets you in the zone immediately. If your streamer isn't doing what it's supposed to within the first five feet of touchdown, you're not fishing at all!

Taper: Powerful, huge fly taper
Core: Power Core
Range: WF7/8 - WF8/9
Coating: Ridged
Polyleader: Trout

Specs -
Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
WF7/8280gr30ftFast Sink100ft
WF8/9330gr30ftFast Sink100ft

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  1. Do you know the sink rate on this fly line? I can't find any info on the net and it would be great for an application I use if it sinks fast enough. Thanks Kyle

  2. Thanks Kyle. Your right that this info is not posted anywhere. Keep in mind sink rates are so subjective anyway and they rarely hold up to any scientific data. You need more tungsten to sink faster which in turns makes a thicker line which slows sink down. It's mostly an oxymoron equation. What I can tell you from sources using this line is that they are impressed with it's ability to sink and claim it to be fastest they've ever seen. It was built to the request of high water brown trout anglers fishing from boat on systems like the White in Arkansas. I have no experience with it so cannot give you a personal report on it. Best, Greg


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