Mar 3, 2017

Regal Fly Tying Vises

John Garrett at the Vise
Fly Tying can be just as complex and enjoyable as fly fishing itself. There are many cheap starter vises out on the market but ask anybody who enjoys tying and they all will tell you that a premium vise makes tying way more enjoyable.

Several great vises out there. We like Regal Vises. They are easy to operate, built to last a lifetime and are available with several options to suit individual fly tiers needs.

John Garrett Ties on a Regal Revolution Vise while I (Greg) tie on a Regal Medallion Vise. The Revolution Vise is a true inline rotary style which is really nice if you wrap a lot. The Medallion Vise does rotate a full 360 degrees but not smoothly inline like the bearing equipped rotary.

Check out this video on how they are made...

Regal Revolution Series

Regal Revolution Shown with Bronze Pocket Base
Revolution is the most popular Regal Vise. It's a true 360° inline rotary. You can purchase it with any of Regal's Head and Base Designs. All options are listed in our online store.

Regal Medallion Shown with Traditional Bronze Base
Medallion Series has become a benchmark standard for fly tyers around the world. It's tough design will last a lifetime of fly tying. It does rotate 360° but not in a true inline sense. So while it's easy to rotate to see all views most tyers who wrap a lot of materials prefer the Revolution.

Regal Travel Vise comes standard with an Aluminum Pocket Base
Reduced size and weight makes this vise travel easy. It's available with any of the four Regal heads.

Your Basic Vise but with all the hook holding power
Many Anglers first Regal was the Inex and many are still using them today. When all you need is the basics, this is it. The most important part is they still have all the same hook holding powerful head as all regal vises have.

Vise Heads

Left to Right - Traditional, Stainless Steel, Big Game and Midge

Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit Bag

Designed to carry everything you'll likely need
Fly Tying is Creative, Relaxing and Rewarding! It brings you closer to the sport of fly fishing and closer to the species you pursue. 


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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