Feb 27, 2017

Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boot Review

Reality is, buying wading boots is pretty low on the thrill factor in the acquisition of fly fishing paraphernalia. I've never seen an angler run into our fly shop just to touch and feel the new boots. Fly rods, fly reels, yes!...Boots, not so much.

Many years of wading experience has taught me this, improper fitting wading boots will make your feet and your fishing suffer! Are poor fitting, poor traction, poor functioning boots causing your fishing to suffer? Maybe we should get more excited about wading boots. If your feet stay warm longer, feel comfortable and supported, provide confidence in safety and wading ability then one can assume that a great pair of wading boots really should be capable of improving our fish-ability.

Korkers Darkhorse has improved my fishing

The New Darkhorse Wading Boot comes to us equipped with all the best Korkers time proven features while built with an emphasis on durability without compromising lightweight, comfortable function. Once this platform had been established Korkers fitted in, without compromise, an additional technology providing Achilles Stabilization known as 3PFS. 3PFS stands for 3 Ply Fit System.  The 3PFS system helps lock the foot in place for a more comfortable and secure fit.

In my testing I found the 3PFS system cradles without binding my ankles movements therefore giving me support I need for tough wading and freedom of movement for comfort and speedy trail hiking.

Korkers Darkhorse Features - 


After 10 years of testing Korkers BOA Lacing system boots without a single failure I can say without hesitation I find the benefits of BOA an asset not only in the entry and removal of wading boots but also in the ability to maximize stream comfort with precision lacing pressure. Darkhorse utilizes the same proven BOA M2 that all current Korkers BOA equipped boots use and function has been flawless.


Protected Triple Stitching
Molded TPU Toe Cap attached with Protected Triple Stitching. Click the picture to see a closeup. The toe cap is attached with the stitching embedded in this tough TPU material thereby keeping it out of contact with damaging abrasive contact.

OmniTrax 3.0 Sole System

You got to appreciate the versatility of this system. Choose your traction! OmniTrax offers options like AlumaTrax when your safety is the only option, felt to keep your guide happy in his drift boat and Kling-On Tread for long hikes. Whatever your need, there is an option for great traction.

AlumaTrax Soles

Fast Drying

Darkhorse utilizes Hydrophobic upper material with ultra abrasion resistance and tonal camo pattern

Internal Drainage

This is one of my personal favorite Korkers features found on all their boots. The internal drainage ports direct water down and out the bottom of the boots allowing for a complete drain when exiting water. No sloshing down the trail. You can actually feel the water drain away the moment you step out of the stream.

In my testing I've noticed these boots do dry fast. I believe that has to be contributed to the fast drying materials and the internal out the bottom drainage. It's a great feature when your travel requires you to pack them in the luggage the morning after a great fishing trip.

Boot Conclusion

I wasn't born a great angler. I have to fight for it. I'm all about seeking every possible asset that can potentially improve my fishing game. I feel like Korkers and I have a lot in common. For instance Korkers wasn't born into greatness, they had to fight for it. Korkers continues to reach for every possible asset to improve upon which over many years has resulted in an innovative competitive line of products. The philosophy of Korkers mirrors my own in that perfection is a long never ending road of constant strive toward research, discovery and improvement. That long road to success is clearly evident in this latest innovated Darkhorse wading boot from Korkers.

I have on hand a pretty nice collection of wading boots to chose from but after clocking many hours over several days in the New Darkhorse, these are the boots I find myself automatically reaching for. Function and comfort level have exceeded my expectations. My wading confidence has greatly increased. The adaptable traction system is solid and provides options to optimize performance for any stream bottom, terrain and/or seasonal weather conditions. I absolutely believe Korkers Darkhorse wading boots have played a part in improving my fishing!

Our fishing industry has overwhelmed us with more then enough wading boot choices but if I were to bet on a dark horse, I'm placing my bet on the New Korkers Darkhorse!


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