Feb 22, 2017

Korkers Hatchback Wading Boots - New for 2017

No...Not Photoshop! Do not adjust your set!

Hard to imagine what new technology could develop for wading boots. We have pretty much tried every material possible for soles, BOA lacing systems are not new and Korkers owns the interchangeable sole system market. So what else is there to do with a wading boot?

Enter From Rear

You've got to give it to Korkers for Innovation. These guys are non-stop thinking about how something can be better. The boot pictured is the New Korkers Hatchback Wading Boots. Rear Entry Easy Access, BOA Lacing System, Omnitrax 3.0 Interchangeable Sole System, 3PFS Achilles Stabilization System and all the other Korkers innovations I've determined I can't live without including one of my favorites the Internal Drainage system.

I first saw this boot at I-CAST/IFTD 2016. Of course even though I wasn't wearing waders I had to slip my foot in it anyway. I couldn't believe how easy the entry was. Total wide open. I was imagining myself wearing waders and the first thought that came to mind is how nice it will be to start your day without the feeling of neoprene boot wad. You know what I mean, it seems to take time for everything to get comfortable. I think we can forget that issue with this boot.

Comes with two sets of soles and two sole buying options.

  1. Felt & Kling-on Tread
  2. Kling-on Tread & Studded Kling-on Tread

If your region allows felt I would go with the felt option and add either Studded felt or AlumaTrax Soles for the ultimate in traction. 

If your region has banned Felt then get the Kling-on package and add AlumaTrax Soles for ultimate in traction. 

The Korkers Hatchback Boots will be available around March 1st, 2017 and are available to purchase from our online store now for first delivery as soon as they arrive. 


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