Feb 17, 2017

February Survey - Do You Tie Flies

Do You Tie Your Own Flies? Take Survey

Maybe I am just more aware of it but it seems to me that more anglers are tying their own flies today. Whether it be for personal satisfaction, commercially unavailable patterns or self created unique patterns. 

This question came to mind when I was ripping out a couple patterns for an upcoming fishing adventure. The patterns I tie are nothing amazing special but to the best of my knowledge the exact detail does not exist in a commercial tied fly. I also get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I have my own hand in tying them. By no means would I take credit for creating this particular fly pattern but I still get to customize the way I like it and doing so gives me an extra edge of confidence in it. Seems to be effective because these particular flies will account for much of my catch. 

I don't tie all my own flies. Some I tie are completely my own unique patterns and I keep them pretty much to myself. Some flies I tie because the commercially available ones are so generic I have no confidence in them. I also tie a few patterns because simply they are not commercially available. 

I get a lot of confidence from tying my own flies. It's a great feeling when you get that tug on your pattern. It also gives me the ability to customize the flies to specific water types and seasonal stream flows. 

The goal of this survey is to find out a percentage of anglers tying their own. We look forward to the results and as always they can be immediately after taking the survey and we will summarize and post the results about a month from now on our Survey Page. Our survey page also contains the results of all our past surveys. 

Thanks for participating,


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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