Jun 27, 2016

There goes Tokyo - Go Go Sculpzilla

Hard to find a leach pattern fly better than Sculpzilla. The #8 Size is a staple for stripping or swinging flies to trout with two hand rods. I like the Olive color but all of them can be producers. Fish it on a floating line and leader for slow water and shallow water or swing it on a sink tip to get it down in fast currents and tail-outs. Also great for streamer stripping from a boat. 

I believe what makes this little leach so effective is it really gets down. It's not too over-weighted but the slim size seems to help it sink and it will get heavier as the rabbit zonker gets wet. I tie most of my own flies I use today but I still have a selection of Sculpzilla's with me at all times and sometimes he's just the ticket to get a strike when nothing else seems to work. If you're a streamer junkie like I am then put a selection of these in your fly box. When the day comes you will be rewarded!


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1 comment :

  1. I caught my first fish on a fly with a white sculpzilla, still have the fly. I always keep a few with me but now olive is more of my go to color.


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