Aug 27, 2014

Smith Optics Lens Cheat Sheet by George Cook

Are you heading out on a new adventure but are lost trying to figure out which lens to choose? Below you will find a quick reference users guide to SMITH Lense selections for the local, regional, and globetrotting angler.

Polarchromic Copper Lens


Most popular lens in the country, equally at home on a sunny western trout stream or a bonefish flat. A can’t miss late spring through mid-fall choice.

Polarchromic Mirror Lens


Copper tint with a subtle silver flash coating. Polarchromic Copper’s “cool guy” cousin. Allows you to glare without conflict at Low-Holers. 

Polarchromic Ignitor Lens


This baby came to us from the ski goggle game and might be the single best all purpose lens in the pacific northwest. Good choice for saltwater as well as bonefish flats or offshore.

Polarchromic Amber Lens


Historical choice of Guides near and far. Commonly found on the Alaskan guide clan to the bonefish polers of South Andros. Single best bonefish flats lens of all time. Excels in low light as well as contrast required situations (Flats Bonefish).

Polarized Green Mirror Brown Lens


A lesser known but fabulous choice for the all-around Western Angler. Provides great contrast in bright conditions yet still in the game come rain.

Low-Light Ignitor Lens


Awesome, Game Changer, Breakthrough Lens. We could go on and on. Any angler from the California Delta to the Yukon Delta of Alaska should have a pair of these. Simply unrivaled for the typical cloudy, and dreary West Coast, BC, and Alaska conditions. Remember to take this one on your next bonefish trip if cloud cover strikes upon you, this is your best bet to stay in the game.

ChromaPop Polarized
Brown Lens


The most visually stimulating lens in the world.  Patented polarization and color management technology creates incredible clarity that straight up performs for today’s angler in both fresh and saltwater environments.

Polarized Blue Mirror-Gray Lens


Baja Roosters, Costa Rica Sailfish, Key West TIKI Bars, Laguna Beach Walk-About’s.  Look Cool, Be Cool, and Battle Behemoth’s with the ultimate in true color vision.

ChromaPop Polarchromic
Ignitor Lens


With CHROMA-POP colors become more vivid, with exceptional clarity and contrast.  Shifting light environments are brought back into focus with this stellar edition.

In reference to comments is a picture looking through lens from behind of Chromapop Bronze Mirror on top and Chromapop Brown on bottom

George Cook
Smith Optics Rep.

Gorge Fly Shop Smith Optics Selection

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  1. chromapop polarized brown vs chromapop polarized bronze mirror?

  2. polarized chromapop brown vs polarized chromapop bronze mirror?

    1. DZ, Very little difference. I have both so I did some comparisons. Brown has a little more yellow to it. The bronze seems to be truer to color. I couldn't tell a difference as far as light penetration. Thanks, Greg

  3. Are Smith Chromapop grey green lenses good for fishing too?

    1. Yes...All Chromapop lenses are Polarized and great for fishing. Lens color is part light transmission and personal preference. Example: Low light Ignitor is a great lens for ultra low light situations (think cloudy Olympic peninsula rain forest) and on the opposite end were bright light is normal the Blue Mirror is usually the "go to", (Think beach Baja Rooster fishing). Everything else falls in-between. Many anglers reach for the Ignitor, Bronze or Copper lens because they can add a lot of depth on cloudy days yet still filter the sun on sunny days. What makes grey/green a great choice is that they can filter out a lot of sunlight for bright days but yet retain a more natural color then the Ignitors, bronze and copper lenses which all can add a lot of rosie brown or yellow in your vision. Grey/Green tends to stay more natural which many anglers prefer. Hope this helps. Best, Greg

  4. You havent wrote anything about chromapop mirror bronze, why ? Can you describe them and comapare them with copper and brown color ? Are they proper for flats sight fishing ?

    1. When this article was written the Bronze mirror didn't exist yet. I have them and they are really good lenses. I feel the Bronze are a little more true to color then brown but not quite as rosie color as copper. Personally I wouldn't use them for flats fishing. I would go for something like polarized blue mirror. Flats are the one time I like maximum light filtering and the lighter brown/bronze lenses don't do it for me. But sunglasses lens colors are very subjective and everyone has their own preference. Thanks,Greg

  5. Dear Greg thank you very much for your answer. This year I've tried Chromapop Blue Mirror on flats but dont like them, for me brown worked better - maybe because of a better contrast.
    I would like to know if the bronze is more yellow and brighter than brown ? Becouse on photos the bronze lens seems to look like that ? If yes I probably wouldn't like the bronze lense over the brown one.

    1. I added a photo to this blog comparing both Chromapop Bronze Mirror and Chromapop Brown. Brown is on bottom. It appears to me that brown has more yellow then the bronze. I feel the bronze hold truer to color then the brown. Hope this helps


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