Jul 7, 2014

Pay less for Redington Palix

Reliable gear, Reliable service.

Step One: Gear up!

Walk into any fly shop and speak to a dozen guys and you could get half a dozen opinions about Redington Palix Wading Boots. So what makes my opinion any different, perspective and budget really. I enjoy finding gear that doesn't break the bank and does what it states. When shopping for boots, waders or any item of importance ask yourself WHEN, WHERE, and HOW OFTEN you will need to use that item.

I was recently in a fly shop not that long ago where a floor staff tried to steer me away from Redington Palix boots. He attempted to explain I would get more for my money by purchasing another brand. A little shocked I proceeded to listen, but what the floor staff didn't  already know was that I had already purchased two pairs (rubber / felt) and have been using them this past year. My decision to purchase Redington gear wasn't made lightly. I not only did my own research but took the advice from guys who have tested Redington gear personally, George Cook and Greg Darling just to name a few key players. More for my money? That’s an interesting term and one effected by perspective and experience.  If you spend more money on a car do you really drive it more often? If you pay more for seats or materials do you sit more or less? I had no doubt these boots would hold up to its $89.95 price tag, but the true question is how comfortable they are and would they last just as long as a higher priced boot.

Where price and quality meet

Simple. Clean. Dependable.
I consider myself rough on footwear and putting these boots through the ringer was no exception. After spending time on the Deschutes, Sandy, San Juan and the Hood this year these boots still exceeded my expectations. $1 for $1, you get what you pay for and I know plenty of other anglers who have got their money’s worth tenfold on these boots.

4x4 2x2

As Greg Darling once told me: "Palix boots - The converse All-Star's of the fly fishing world!" I would have to agree. Ask yourself this. Do your boots need to look like they can walk on the moon? Do they need to be a fashion statement? Sometimes simple is better! Similar to the converse shoes while not high tech by any means they in fact succeed where it counts.. Basic in form, but true to it's roots and purpose.

Speaking of shoe's, these boots aren't the Nike’s of wading boots. Greg mentioned Converse and it's a solid comparison, but I would put them in a more rugged comparison. I classify these boots as an old Jeep, remember those? Before they where bought out by Chrysler. Looks decent, works when you need them to, dependable, reliable but not the same price of a Land Rover.

George Cook leads by example:
I always hear stories of George fishing, this dude likes to hunt but I bet he's got a gun safe full of rods or one hell of a man cave. When asked what he thought of his current pair of Palix Boots he responded quickly by saying: "No break in period, ready to go straight out of the box. The Redington Sticky Rubber Sole is shocking good, maybe the best rubber sole on the market today. I’m now on season #3 with my Palix Sticky Rubber Boots."

A word from Redington on sticky rubber: "Palix River Sticky Rubber Walnut Wading Boots are durable, lightweight, quick drying, and provide great traction, all at an unbelievable value. Boots are stud compatible for the more rugged fishing adventures."

Are cool extras and fancy materials always needed? For example: carbon fiber. Sounds cool to say right, but if a company uses carbon fiber to save you two ounces in weight you have to ask your self is it worth it? Maybe you just want to get your hands on some carbon fiber, so you pay for that up charge. I call that the X factor (Want vs. Need).

X Factor in all purchases: That want Vs. need feeling. We've all done this, walk into a store and want something only because it's cool or new. The coolest thing about these boots besides the ease of use and sticky rubber is the price. So why pay more when you can spend your hard earned money and save for another killer product at the Gorge Fly Shop... or take your wife out to dinner, theirs always that.

Boot Features -

  • Available in Sticky Walnut Rubber or Felt soles
  • Supportive, lightweight, and quick drying!
  • Rubber toe cap for added abrasion resistance
  • Deep draw lacing with moulded, non-corrosive metal hardware (enough lace to wrap ankle)
  • Webbing pull loops for easy entry/exit
  • Stud compatible (Tested with Redington Goat Head Sole Spikes)

Step Two: Get Wet!

The Palix Wader in use, Kenai River , Alaska (Rainbow). Season 1 Palix wader (2013)

Palix River Wader
What's a good pair of wading boots without waders? Wet wading during the Summer on the Deschutes... For all those other times you need a good pair of waders to get the job done. Are you the type of guy that buys the latest and greatest? The gear with all the bells and whistles? Or are you more like me and just need a quality product to get the job done. I once owned a pocket knife that had a flash light, used it all the time until one day the light quit. Unable to fix the light the knife became pointless to carry. I thought, what a waste.

Maybe your not looking to spend all that much but still in need of a quality wader... Or if your like a friend of mine: You travel so often you could benefit by having an extra pair of waders kept at a friends house so you don't need to pack a pair every time you travel.

Redington Palix River Waders fit that bill.

Wader Features -
  • 100% nylon 3-layer DWR coated wader fabric reinforced 6-layer lower leg
  • Opposing buckles for easy conversion to waist high
  • High density neoprene bootie
  • Chest pocket with drain holes
  • Flip-out pocket with YKK zipper
  • Belt loops with wading belt included
  • Integrated gravel-guards
  • Double layer-knee
  • Custom Redington Exterior woven label
  • Fleece lined handwarmer pocket
Instead of fishing in $3-400 waders George keeps things simple, to the point and gets busy fishing. When asked about Palix River waders he responded with: "I’m 2nd season into mine now and Dollar for Dollar, Feature to Feature, “Value and performance” meet on the curve here. Simply the nicest wader out there sub $250. And these happen to be $159.00.

George Cook nabs another Kenai Rainbow sporting a pair of Redington Palix River Waders - early June, 2014.

I'll end by saying this: No matter what you spend and how you spend it, life is too short to be wasting it away on gear that leaves you with regret. The last thing any angler needs or wants is to be waste deep and full of regret. 

So in the edited words of "Red" - Get busy Livin', or get busy Fishin'.


Article by: Mike Prine - The Newbie
Gorge Fly Shop - Webmaster

VIDEO: Important information - Wader Sizing Demostration

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