Jun 12, 2014

Korkers Devils Canyon Wading Boots review

Devils in the details

I gotta tell you ever since I first saw the new Korkers Devils Canyon wading boot last year at the IFTD show in Las Vegas I have been dying to try a pair. So this spring came and I ordered up a pair and proceeded to put them through the paces. 

Lite and Comfortable

Korkers has always done a great job of producing lite comfortable boots and the new Devils Canyon are no exception. I feel the comfort of this boot is further enhanced by the neoprene back cuff which allows it to flex on your ankle shin instead of cut into it. A problem I have experience in other boots.

The Devils Canyon incorporates the Boa M2 lacing system. 

The greatest feature of a Boa lace system is the ease of getting in and out of the boots. Simply release the Boa spool and pull the tongue all the way out to open up the boot and slip out. That really is a feature you come to appreciate after all day of wading. Another benefit is establishing proper tightening. I always have to walk in my boots till everything seats in and than go back and re-lace for the proper comfort. With the Boa it's as simple as reach down and click it tighter until the perfect comfort is achieved.

Korkers BOA System

OmniTrax Sole System

The third generation Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System has proven itself to be secure and solid. I generally go with either a studded felt sole for great traction or a studded Kling-on sole for those easy wading waters. The Korkers AlumaTrax Sole option is my new favorite for those extreme tough wading rivers like the Deschutes River and Hood River in Oregon. The AlumaTrax provide a level of traction unequaled to anything else I have ever used.
Recommended sole options

Drainage Integrated

What!!! This Korkers feature is rarely talked about and is one of my favorites. Other boot manufacturers should take note. Korkers designs their boots to drain out the bottom instead of the side. Why is this better? First your boot drains as soon as you step out of the water. You can feel the water leaving the boot and no more sloshing as your walking down the trail. Next,  No more drain holes or vents to create weak spots in the side of your boots.

People are talking

So I rambled on about what I like about the new Korkers Devils Canyon wading boots but don't just take my word for it.
Read the Customer reviews

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