Mar 27, 2014

Get InTouch with Rio Lake Lines

Make the Connection: Get InTouch with Rio Lake Lines

Great fishing for Trout can be found in lakes all around the world. 

In the USA we think of the Western US and Western Canada (British Columbia and Alberta). In our area of the Columbia River Gorge and the Cascade Mountain range we think of lakes such as Lost Lake, Goose Lake, Mosquito Lake and Trillium Lake. Venture a little further and the reservoir of Crane Prairie on the Deschutes River comes to mind. And there are so many more lakes (too many to list) some of which don't even have names.

Our fly fishing gear has been steadily improving over the years and today's rods and reels are nothing short of amazing and the same could be said for our wading gear as well. My opinion is the one area of the sport of fly fishing we may have seen the most improvement is with fly lines. We have lines today for any possible situation that we may encounter. The lines today help us reach fish that not too long ago were just not reachable with fly fishing gear. Today's lines help us reach out further, help us cast better and most of all help us get our flies to the fish.

So many options! What do I choose?

With so many variables of lake angling it makes it tough to choose what is the appropriate line for each individual situation. I reached out to Northwest Rio fly line representative George Cook for some help in this subject and together I think we can help bring some clarity to what lines can benefit your fishing.

InTouch CamoLux and AquaLux -
These lines are quite possibly the most important to lake anglers and may be the only type of line you need. They are full intermediate meaning that the entire line is made to sink. They all have a sink rate that is 1.5-2.0 IPS, (inches per second).

InTouch CamoLux
InTouch CamoLux is the newest member of the group and it takes advantage of the new ConnectCore Technology. This technology gives you virtually no stretch which results in incredible connection for better strike detection and hook sets. I'll quote George on this technology, "When the phone rings, you answer quicker!" As the name implies the line is a clear camo color to help prevent fish spook and is equipped with a front welded loop for easy rigging. Also new on the InTouch CamoLux is a "Hang Marker". We'll talk more about the Hang Marker later.

AquaLux Lake has been around for awhile and is still is a very valid and useful lake line. It is extremely popular with Western Canadians. The head length ranges from 34' to 44' depending on line size making it longer than the InTouch CamoLux. The head is a clear intermediate that transitions into a very slick translucent green running line. The AquaLux also includes a front welded loop.

Lake Series Hover is a favorite of some of the most crafty lake anglers in the Northwest from B.C. to Central Oregon. "A true creeper" and an "old time favorite" for just getting under and "Hovering" above fishy weed beds and edges. Another advantage of the Hover line is better line control on windy days.

InTouch Midge Tip Long - 
InTouch Midge Tip Long
(New for 2014) is loaded with innovation and technology.
I have to share with you the full George quote "A Real “Sleeper Lake Line Here Folks”. The Midge Tip “Long” is what I call the Brian Chan Darth Vader Secret Weapon. Brian Chan along with fellow B.C. Angler Phil Rowley are the “Deans Of Western Canadian Lake Anglers”. These boys just plum get after it up north. This line features a 2 meter intermediate section that has a multitude of uses from chironamid fishing to “Edge Probing” with Damsels/Scuds and Dragons."
Besides ultra low stretch ConnectCore Technology the InTouch Midge Tip Long features a 6' clear camo intermediate tip and welded front loop for easy rigging.

Midge Tip (the original) is one of the top fish catching lines in the world and a consistent winner of numerous fishing competitions. It is perfect for fishing nymphs, emergers and chironamids just under the water surface. It has a 3' clear intermediate tip and comes equipped with loop in front for easy rigging.

Midge Tip

Depth Range for Sub-Surface lines
InTouch Deep Series (Deep 3 - Deep 7)
Deep Series sink rates
These are your full length, full sinking lines in 4 densities to meet the demands of stillwater anglers. Just like the InTouch Midge Tip Long the Deep Series is packed with technology starting with ConnectCore. The deeper you fish the more important sensitivity becomes, ConnectCore helps to detect those strikes that otherwise may go unnoticed. Deep Series lines have a powerful front loaded head for easy casting and maximum distance. Density Compensation technology is used to ensure that the tip of the line sinks faster than the body and is accomplished by adding a more dense material to the thin front tip of the line. The four densities available are Type 3, Type 5, Type 6, and Type 7. Deep series are also front end looped for easy rigging.
InTouch Deep effective depth range

Hang Marker -
Colors for different sink rates
Just like the InTouch CamoLux the Deep Series also incorporates the Hang Marker. The Hang Marker is a highly visible tag built on the fly line that indicates when the end is close. It is also color coded on the Deep series to indicate what density the line is.
George Cook gave a great explanation I would like to share.
"Modern twist on old world fishology. In the United Kingdom as well as British Columbia Canada where lake (reservoir) fishing is incredibly abundant and popular, The “Hang Tag” represents a number of things from a “Tactical Perspective” A) The Color Identifies sink rate (IPS #). B) Longtime Lake anglers in both B.C. and the UK play it as a “Soak it spot within the retrieve” in other words “Hang There” upon reaching this spot in the retrieve (In a Boat/Watercraft-Strip In) often times the Americans will reference it as an I.D. to roll cast and commence a casting sequence. I will tell you from a 30 year lake fishing and guiding perspective that it will serve you best to ALWAYS retrieve to the loop or leader nail knot based on the propensity for lake critters “To Follow Till They Bail”. Stay in the saddle till you simply have to do what I call the “Side Swing Out Move” to see if “Anybody” is trailing the fly!"
Outbound Coldwater Series

Outbound Coldwater Intermediate
While these lines are not considered "lake lines" they do have their place in a stillwater environment. They can go from lake fishing today to shore line distance casting on the beach tomorrow.
Read the Quote from George, "The Outbound Coldwater Intermediate at 37.5 (Head Length) is a devastating effective lake line for both the Lake Angler on “Foot Patrol” or fishing from a pontoon boat or float tube. Spinning rod (Cast) distances can be realized with this line providing a major “Coverage” opportunity for today’s lake fishing enthusiast!"

Leaders and Tippet - 
Flouroflex Plus Tippet
Generally with the use of sinking lines a tippet is the only needed connection to your fly. Both George and I agree that Flouroflex Plus Tippet will have you covered. If you do chose to use leaders be sure to keep them on the short side of 6' to 7.5'. Too long of leaders will affect the sink of your fly and defeat the use of a subsurface or sinking line. FlouroFlex is preferred for not only its abrasion resistance and invisibility but also for the faster sink rate over nylon due to its dense properties.

Get Connected and find out what your missing - 
As an example I will draw on my experience fishing deep water for Bass and express the importance of being connected to your fly. It wasn't until I started fishing the appropriate lines that a revelation revealed itself and that revelation was I have been missing fish for way too long.
Get Connected and feel the difference!

I'm quite sure this article only contains a limited knowledge of Lake line uses. Please feel free to comment with your experience with lake lines. Maybe it's just a rod/line match-up that's great or your home location where you fish a lake line or maybe a technique that you have found a particular lake line to be useful. We would love to hear from you.

Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

"Fly Fish the World with Us"


  1. I found your website perfect for my needs. Thanks for sharing the great ideas. Whole article is too good and well written.

    1. Millard, Thank you for those kind words. Articles such as this one are not very rewarding to write but the information about these lines is needed. There are fly lines that can improve every fishing situation and my goal is to identify and make them easier for our customers to find. Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment


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