Feb 12, 2012

Fish Boy Tales... So What's Up With Gabe?

Many of you were introduced to our local adolescent phenom in an earlier post titled, What's Up With Gabe?

Let us get a second helping. It is time to check back in with Fish Boy!

Well by the looks of it, Fish Boy or Gabe (semi-formal, human birth name), felt like a trip south was in order. It seems that even the steel-searching MerMan, himself, needed a reprieve from the dreary Oregon winter. With the cool, gray showers in the rearview, Fish Boy searched in earnest, the blue waters off the coast of Mexico, for connections with his distant brethren. True to his nature, he blazed a trail through the tropical landscape, marking his coordinates with clusters of dropped jaws and thrashing fins. There is an unmistakable passion in his breath, and I wonder how long before his gills find purpose beneath the surface, where his heart now beats.

Nice Find!

Cuda Time!

Yea, but mine are straighter!
Ya see fellas, ya just got to make it swim like a -

Here we go.  So yeah, it's just like I was saying, ya just....

Nice work Gabe!  We'd like to say that the steelhead have missed you here but upon second thought, we're not so sure...

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