Dec 23, 2011


This is the title of our new periodical column. 

Its purpose:  To update the angling community as to the adventures of our local fisher-extraordinaire.  You see, Gabe is not your average angler. While only in his early teens, he has hooked more fish than most of us could only dream of.  His passion is second only to his prowess.  He is a young man posessed.  If he is not busy working hard in school, he is on the water.  If he is not on the water, he is in the fly shop sharing his adventures or planning his next outing.  He is an extremely humble, likeable fella and we are fortunate to share in his passion.  Here are a few shots from this past season.  We can only imagine what the winter will bring...

Whew...  All that fishing is hard work! 

Well, we intend to keep a close eye on him when he wakes up.  We will make sure that you stay informed.  Who knows, maybe he will give up a few of his secrets in the next "What's Up With Gabe?" posting.

Have a good time out there,


  1. That is awesome Duffy! Thank you so much, Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Thanks for the shots Casey. I heard that a certain someone got a new fly rod!


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