Feb 22, 2024

Air-Lock CenterLock Indicators - New for 2024

Available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" sizes in both resealable 3-packs and bulk units.

Shallow Screw Channel for adjustable fixed positions. Deep Screw Channel for free-sliding between stops or for break-away rigging.

We believe in keeping our waterways as clean as possible. We redesigned our popular strike indicators with biodegradable foam so those indicators that end up floating away for any reason will break down over time. 
  • Not to be confused with "water soluble:" Air-Lock Eco Friendly Strike Indicators will not dissolve or be compromised in any way during normal use. 
  • Biodegrading happens when the material is left in the elements: mud, water, mulch, compost, etc. over a long period of time.


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