Jul 8, 2020

What's Going on with Airflo?

The Big News...

Airflo Sold to an American Company called The Mayfly Group. You might be familiar with them as the parent company of Ross and Abel Fly Reels.

A little History...

Airflo is, or was, a UK company. Airflo Fly Lines are made in the UK. Tim Rajeff of Rajeff Sports, (Echo Fly Rods and Air-Lock Strike Indicators), was the sole USA Distributor for Airflo Fly Lines.

Earlier this year Airflo sold to The Mayfly Group. Shortly after the sale it was announced that Rajeff Sports would no longer be the USA Distributor as of August 1st, 2020.

So what's this mean for Airflo fans?

The short term answer is BACKORDERS! Yes, you guessed it, Right now we are in endless backorders and the end of that is no where in sight. Even if you ask when will your line be available, we simply don't have an answer.

We, Gorge Fly Shop, did what we could to secure as much stock as possible, especially in the "spey" realm but with that said we are running into alot of "No stock, No ETA" conditions.

While we have a bunch of holes in our inventory we still do have alot of Airflo fly and spey lines in stock. Your best option is to give us a call to inquire about the line you want. If we have it great and if we don't we can recommend you an alternative line choice until Airflo fly lines are back up in stock.

When will that be?

Your guess is as good as ours. Currently I would tell you to not wait for your Airflo Fly Line that you have big plans for on an upcoming trip. Again, we have no idea when stock will start to show up at our door.

What is Gorge Fly Shop future with Airflo

As we roll forward Gorge Fly Shop absolutely plans on remaining an Airflo Fly Line dealer and rest assure we will have orders in place to rebuild our inventory asap!

While Gorge Fly Shop is a full service Fly Fishing Retailer we have long been committed to being experts in fly lines along with a broad inventory and knowledge to make that happen.

For now please be patient on backorders and call or email us with your Airflo list. We have fly lines.


"The Gorge"

Gorge Fly Shop Team - 541.386.6977

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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