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Apr 1, 2019

Greg's "Fish Forward" Fishing Report - 4.1.2019

Why spend time with what "has been"!?

"Don't read a fishing report, be a fishing report." I don't know who first quoted this statement but I live by it. I find I have a better attitude and a better day fishing if I ignore "has been" fishing reports.

This "report" is looking forward. "Fish Forward" I'm not going to tell you that you should have been there yesterday but instead tell you what you should be looking forward to.


You can wait for the vaunted stonefly hatch if you wish but the reality is trout fishing is going to be great from now through the stonefly hatch. Remember even before those giant bugs are found in the river grass they are active on the stream bottoms and trout are getting fat on them. Whether you tight line Euro or indicator fish, tie on a big nymph and go for it.
Meanwhile, always keep a visual out for the day time hatches. Blue Wing Olives on cloudy days, probe around with a chubby and I've never failed to get a reaction on a yellow sally. Don't forget you can always swing a streamer.
You really can't go wrong in April/May on the Deschutes as well as any of the major trout rivers in our area. Oh, and another tidbit, there is a good chance you could pick up a last minute trout trip. Give us a call.


Most anglers don't start fishing early enough for bass. Most think it's a summer time gig. Sure, cool mornings and hot summer evenings can be great topwater bass fishing but my experience is my best fish always come early season.
Switch your tactics to warm, mid-day fishing and search the shallows whether it be backwaters of the Columbia or frog waters of the John Day. You can try to coax one on top but you'll have better success fishing shallow suspending flies such as Hud's Bushwacker. If that doesn't draw a reaction switch to near bottom stuff like Sculpin "The One" in Black or Natural. Also a Clouser Minnow in Sexy Shad color is always a good search pattern. When you get a reaction take note of water type and fly depth. These are important clues to what structure bass are currently relating to.
While you are on the hunt for bass be sure to watch the shallows closely for bonus feeding carp.


Tough game this time of year but still worth the pursuit. Watch for fresh water and the rising and falling of your local rivers. My experience this time of year is when steelhead move, they move fast. Windows of maximum opportunity are small. Instead of focusing on what is the best river to go fish, focus instead on the rivers you can access within hours notice with river level falling after a peak spike. Moving fish will be the most active fish. Get a fly in front of one and game on!
While two months down the road yet, don't forget Kickitat River opens on June 1st. I know of many anglers that have scored on this opportunity.

Look Ahead

I know there are many other opportunities in the Gorge area. I'm just scratching the surface with a few Ideas. The point of this report is to get you looking ahead before you realize you're already behind. Check you gear over and make it ready. Put the Weather and Stream Flows in your favorites tab and start watching daily conditions. Your success depends on YOU!...Not a fishing report!

I'll see you on the water...But you probably won't see me!

Greg Darling 

"Passion For Fishing Is A Lifelong Pursuit Of Discovery"

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