Jan 2, 2019

The Dirt on Fly Lines - Introduction

True, always clean your fly line but that's not what this article series is really about.

The intention of this series is designed to help you choose fly lines that will improve your fly fishing experience.

The better we understand fly lines the better anglers we can be on the water. Can you think of a time that your line just didn't work for you or maybe a time when you were struggling only later to find out that you just wasn't equipped with the right fly line?

Feel free to leave questions/comments and I'll do my best to answer them. Meanwhile follow my series as I present some facts and some personal opinions from years of testing and fishing fly lines

Key points that I intend to write about will each be a separate short article of which all will be combined in one central location. By breaking this down in specific topics hopefully you will be able to go straight to the key point to find the answers you'll looking for. Another words save you the trouble of reading a book.

Fact is today,  a book could be written just about fly lines. They have become a blessing and a curse. I will say this, if you are just one of those who believes a fly line is a fly line, you might want to rethink that! I hope you find this helpful in understanding that we can really benefit from knowing the finer details of fly fishing lines.

Key Points

These are just posible ideas, I'm open to suggestions. This introduction is just a start to a series of articles that have not yet been determined. I'm just taking them as they come and I'll wrap it up when we run out of fly line topics
  • Tapers - What are they and how to choose?
  • Saltwater vs Freshwater - Whats the real difference?
  • Head Weights - 
  • Matching Fly Lines - Why does my $1K fly rod feel like crap why my buddy's $100 fly rod feels great?
  • Finishes and Coating - Why would I care?
  • Color Importance - Or not?
  • Specialty Lines - Nymph, Double Tapers, Shooting Lines, etc
  • Spey - Skagit, Scandi, mid, long, tips
If you can think of more topics please drop me a note. I'll be glad to address the key point and maybe even make it it's own article. 

Start reading the series with:
The Dirt on Fly Lines Series - Part 1 - Tapers

Greg Darling 

"My Passion For Fishing Is A Lifelong Pursuit Of Discovery"

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