Jan 8, 2019

ODFW Licensing Help

Help! I need a license! Does this sound familiar?

New System, New Year!

Most States are migrating to a DIY Print your own and Digital system. Welcome to Oregon. Are you annoyed yet with the new process or just confused? We hope this helps. First off, let us say we understand many of you usually go into a storefront like a Walmart or Bi-mart to obtain your license. We suggest you try to login at home first. We have had many reports that some people end up with a new account. Losing all their old data and preference points if that applies to you. ODFW no longer prints out licenses on waterproof paper. Be warned, if you go into a store be sure to use your ODFW ID number. If your not an Oregonian and only require a day license it's not an issue but still advisable to download the app listed below, especially for the in app offline "catch card" feature.
"I am a new customer or have not purchased an ANNUAL license in the last 3 years"

If this is you, click this link RIGHT HERE.Once you have created a new account you will be on the home screen. Scroll down for purchasing. Or

Moving Forward: If you had an Annual Oregon fishing license in the past 3 years?

You must VERIFY/LOOK UP your account FIRST. See the brown tab in the above image? That's it, CLICK IT. Now this is important, we have found the easiest NEXT step is to obtain your ODFW ID number and use this option in the drop down. We have come across fewer issues using this method. If you can't find it or obtain it, you do have a few other options. Email and Phone number. More on that later. The video below will walk you through the required steps to verify your account if need be.

If you do not have a phone number or email associated with account and don’t know your Hunter/Angler ID#, call or email ODFW (odfw.websales@state.or.us / (503) 947-6101) or visit a license sales agent and ask them to find you in the system.

Verify / Look Up your Account First with your ODFW ID Number
After finding your account and verifying everything you will find yourself on the HOME screen. See image below. 

Once logged in, this is now your Customer Home Screen
Ready to Purchase your License?
Hang on! You made it this far. Let's double check your profile information first. See that box just above. It says "YOUR ACCOUNT". Click on Your Profile and verify that everything looks good. Email, Phone number and Address. I noticed my email was wrong (probably my fault) so any future correspondents or more importantly, if I needed to reset my username or password those would never reach my inbox. Now that everything is verified, click save and go back to the Home Screen.  

Purchase from the Catalog: If your ready to purchase a license you may do so by clicking the "PURCHASE FROM THE CATALOG" image. You'll see something that looks similar to the image below. https://odfw.huntfishoregon.com/customer/catalog

Annual Options
One, Two, Three day Options. One day endorsements can also be found under the endorsement tab.
For myself, I'm a hunter angler. So it's slightly cheaper for me to get the Annual Combination License now and be done with it. If your out of State or in need of the SportPac those options will be available to you as well. Read everything carefully, but for the most part it's fairly straightforward. When you ADD an item, it's automatically added to the shopping cart. A pop up window will verify and ask if you would like to go to the shopping cart or keep shopping (Add more options). At the same time, items in your cart will be visible on the right hand side of the screen.

Be sure to add your Endorsement if this applies to you. Remember this is the Columbia River and their tributaries.
I also added my Shellfish License because we enjoy crabbing. You may also need a Harvest Card.
Quick note on Harvest Card. If you download the app. It is available Offline.
From here it's as simple as verify your cart. Make sure it's what you want and continue to the payment page and pay for your purchase.

- GFS Webmaster


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