Sep 21, 2018

The Wader Maker

Simms made a video, here's what they had to say.

20 years ago. I started working with Simms. I've been involved with the way your production ever since.

The Wader Maker
Wader tested, Simms approved.
First off we start with with premium ingredients just like you're cooking, you know and then after we get to the ingredients we get to design and the fit, then we make it here in the US by people that care.

There's a tremendous amount of steps that go into making waders, some of our models over a hundred and fifty different steps. Every little stitch every little piece of glue has been made by us here. There's accountability, ownership and responsibility that goes in people scrutinize over every single wader here it has to be visually, beautiful and perfect.

The thought process behind it in the detail and the research and field testing if something didn't work we try to figure out how to fix it. We know when they were made the day also who worked on them some things like neoprene feet. Whoever makes those feet, they sign it a little bit like a work of art. Every pair of waders we make is tested. You got to fill every single one of those waders with water and inspect them for leaks and then you got to drain them, and then you got to turn them inside out and then you got to hang them up and dry out and then package them.

Trying to push the progression of materials and technologies to make things better for anglers on the water, you can't do that without a company that has people that wear waders all the time.

There's not a lot of wader manufacturers in the world, but I'm proud to say we're the last major manufacturer in the United States. It’s important to me and important of the team.

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