Aug 4, 2018

The New RIO Creek Fly Line Review

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Last week we were graced in the shop by the presence of the Great Mr. George Cook, and I was more than happy to learn that he had brought some new rods and lines for us to try. In the next couple of weeks I’ll tell you guys about some of the new product that I got to throw during ‘demo day’. The first and foremost item that I was most excited for was the RIO Creek Series Fly Line.

This line was designed for small creeks and casts at a distance of roughly 5 to 30 feet (Check out our other article on the Creek for some of the specs and science on the line.) Before I got my hands on the line, I thought that it was just going to be a newer variation of one of the lighter small water series,( i.e. the LightLine, InTouch Trout LT, InTouch Perception) but when I got my hands on the line (matched up with the new Sage Dart, which you’ll be hearing my thoughts on shortly) I realized that this line was a whole new animal.

I picture a small creek, I envision a body of water that I can cross in 5 steps or less, this is the kind of water the line is designed for. If you try to fish this as a cool new dry fly line for big water, you’re not gonna have a good time. The guys at RIO designed this line to load a rod with only a foot or 2 of fly line out of the tip. The taper is one that almost mimics a micro shooting head system, but one that is delicate enough to land a size 18 dry gently in a tight spot.

This line is a ‘4 pulls and under’ weapon, think of it as putting a full choke onto a shotgun to reduce the spread of the shots you take. No doubt about it you will be more effective and more accurate at 10 feet or closer with this line, than any other on the market.
  • Designed to load at close range
  • Ideal for nymphs, dries and small streamers
  • Supple coldwater core for tangle-free performance
  • Perfect for small creeks, streams and brooks
SKULine SizeColorHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
6-21785WF0FGreen / Yellow30ft 9.1mFloat65ft 20m
6-21786WF1FGreen / Yellow30ft 9.1mFloat65ft 20m
6-21787WF2FGreen / Yellow30ft 9.1mFloat65ft 20m
6-21788WF3FGreen / Yellow30ft 9.1mFloat65ft 20m
6-21789WF4FGreen / Yellow30ft 9.1mFloat65ft 20m

Perfect for some of the small water we have in the Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams territories. If you have any questions on the RIO Creek line, or any other item in the shop, give us a call or shoot us an email.

Jacob Noteboom | Product Specialist

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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