Jul 8, 2018

Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth Infinity - New

Everyone is very excited for this new series of fly lines. Early product testing of the All New Infinity has been well received. 

Versatile, All-Around, 1/2 Size Heavy, Extended Head Fly Line

Notice the taper of this fly line provides good weight toward the front taper and extends smoothly into the rear taper. Add in a half size line weight bump and you have a line that provides all-around versatility for a variety of fly fishing methods and fits a wide range of fly rods.

Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth Infinity comes in two color options:

  • Standard Color Option - Optic Green / Mist Green / Buckskin
  • Camo Color Option - Bamboo / Buckskin / Camo
The Camo color scheme features a mottled front taper for extra stealth

Specs -
Line WeightHead Weight***Head LengthTotal Head WeightTotal Length
WF3F110 gr47.0'155 gr90'
WF4F130 gr48.0'190 gr90'
WF5F150 gr49.0'225 gr90'
WF6F175 gr50.0'265 gr90'
WF7F200 gr51.0'305 gr90'
WF8F225 gr52.0'350 gr90'
WF9F260 gr53.0'415 gr90'
***Grain weight for the first 30'

Two years ago Scientific Anglers released the original Amplitude Series of fly lines. Since that time many, (us included), have discovered and utilize these excellent lines. While they come with a stout price tag the return was extreme slick line shooting, strong, durable construction and excellent taper profiles.

But if there is one thing that still divides the fly line market today it would be the "Textured" vs "Smooth" debate. Some like it rough and some like it smooth.

The great feature of Scientific Anglers AST Plus slickness additive is it can be integrated in their fly lines no matter of the fly line surface finish.

Welcome Amplitude Smooth Infinity with AST PLUS

Scheduled release of these new lines is now. They are being released in a total of six tapers including some well known favorites such as Titan Long, Anadro, Grand Slam, Bonefish and Trout as well as the brand new taper call Infinity. Our first shipment is due to arrive any day now and we also provide direct drop ship from S/A in case we sell out of our stock.

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