Jul 20, 2018

Sage Igniter Fly Rods - New for 2019

New for 2019 - Meet Sage Igniter

The Sage Igniter Fly Rod family replaces the Method Fly Rod Family. For those who embraced the Method this new rod series has a hard act to follow. While the bright red Method may have scared a few anglers away the new Igniter comes in much more mellow with a Chipotle blank color and wrapped with Cayenne thread a gunmetal trim.

Engineered with KonneticHD Technology, the New Igniter is classified as Ultra-Fast Action. After casting several of the rods in the series it holds up true to it predecessor with blazing tight loops while tuned to handle the extreme demands including wind, bulky rigs, heavy streamers and/or sink tips.

No matter if you huck long for trout, launch large streamers browns, or demand the fastest rod on the flats, the New Sage Igniter has the horsepower to exceed power expectations, speed to overcome the wind, and KonneticHD to precisely reach your target.

Most sizes are available now and you can find them at "The Gorge"

"The Gorge"

Gorge Fly Shop Team - 541.386.6977

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