Jul 16, 2018

RIO InTouch Gold Fly Line

RIO InTouch Gold Fly Line continues to be one of our best selling fly lines and here's why...

Gold is so much more than just an ordinary trout line. It starts with a taper that provides great loop stability for distance. Head lengths range from 45' to 49' (depending on line weight) helping to provide this stability. This head length also provides great line control and mend-ability.

The front taper is designed to give great dry fly presentations yet strong enough to turn over common indicator rigs or hopper/dropper combos.

The Surefire three color system keeps you aware of your distance for better cast and distance control.

InTouch Low-Stretch ConnectCore keeps you connected to your fly for enhanced strike detection and positive hook sets.

MaxCast, MaxFloat and Agent X Technology keeps the line high and dry all day long with superior floating performance.

Convenience features include Easy ID Tag for quick line identification and welded loops front and rear for easy rigging.

Specs - 
SKULine SizeColorHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
6-20684WF4FMoss/Gray/Gold126gr45ft 13.7mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20685WF5FMoss/Gray/Gold146gr46ft 14.0mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20686WF6FMoss/Gray/Gold168gr47ft 14.3mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20687WF7FMoss/Gray/Gold193gr48ft 14.6mFloat90ft 27.4m
6-20688WF8FMoss/Gray/Gold218gr49ft 14.9mFloat90ft 27.4m

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