Jul 29, 2018

RIO DirectCore Jungle Series Fly Lines - New for 2018

Designed for Jungle Species such as Peacock Bass, Dorado and Pacu
Tropical freshwater environments place extreme demands on fly lines. In the past one had to utilize available saltwater lines in order to fish in the jungles. That works fine but you couldn't always find specifics such as long sink tips and stealthy colors. Until now anyway...

RIO DirectCore Jungle Series is designed to beat the heat of tropical environments and provide tapers to improve fly presentations.
Jungle Series start with RIO's New Low-Memory DirectCore technology that is extremely easy to anneal (stretch) and lies perfectly straight on the water, yet retains the stiffness needed to cast in hot conditions.
DirectCore combined with a 30' powerful shooting head configuration gives it the ability for powerful cast of large flies.

Four Tapers available for all possible scenarios including Floating, Floating/Intermediate Tip, Floating/Type 3 Sink tip, and Floating/Type 6 sink tip
  • The F/I has a floating running line, with a 30ft intermediate head, of which the front 10ft is clear.
  • The F/S3 is a floating line with the front 20ft of type 3 sinking (3-4" ips).
  • The F/S6 is a floating line with the front 20ft of type 6 sinking (6-7" ips)

Find the New RIO DirectCore Jungle Series at "The Gorge"

"The Gorge"

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