Jul 2, 2018

Airflo Skagit Rage Compact Heads - Video

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When folks call or come into the shop with questions regarding fishing floating set-ups for steelhead and trout, we often start the conversation with the Rage Compact. Why? Because it's longer like a scandi head which is typically used for fishing dry line, however it's much easier to cast. The Rage Compact is also powerful like a skagit head for punching through harsh winds that would typically collapse scandi lines and leaders. Furthermore, its taper allows the use of broader sized flies, and ability to utilize light sinking polyleader tips for fishing your flies deeper if desired. This hybrid line doesn't seem to know any limits and ultimately gets you swinging flies more efficiently, which might just find you more fish at the end of the day!

New Trout Sizes Now Available

With The Airflo Skagit Rage Compact You Just Add A Polyleader And You're Ready To Fish A Floating Skagit System!

Head WtRod WtHead LengthFront TaperBellyRear TaperLoop Color
180gr2/326.512.511.52Light Grey
240gr3/42712.5122Dark Blue
300gr4/527.512.512.52Light Blue
360gr4/5281312.52Medium Grey
570gr8/9311414.52Light Green
600gr8/9321415.52Dark Green

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