Jun 27, 2018

Survey - How big of fly are you willing to fish?

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In recent years I've spent much time experimenting with fly size. Not just for fish response but casting effort as well. What I've found is bigger doesn't always mean harder to cast. Other factors effect casting effort are, weight, wind resistance, and profile.

Like I find weighted clouser minnows fairly easy to cast despite the lead eye weight. It's got to be the slim profile and the fact that deer hair doesn't adsorb water adding additional weight. The original game changer fly was next to impossible to cast but the newer feather game changer version is quite easy to handle.

I've also noticed over the years that the more popular stinger / shank type steelhead patterns focus on creating large silhouettes with minimal materials thus creating a fly that appears bigger without the added bulk to slow down your cast.

This survey is just for fun. We really just want to hear your opinions. Are you "going big or go home" or are you limiting yourself to dry fly fishing.

Results of this survey will be posted in about a month from now over on our dedicated Survey Page. Here you can find past survey results as well

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