Jun 16, 2018

Reel in Savings on a Sage 7 weight - Accel, Bolt, Salt

Left to Right: Sage Bolt, Sage Accel, Sage Salt
If I could only have one single hand fly rod ever I think it would have to be a 7 weight. Bass, browns and bones,  hoppers to articulated streamers, a 7 weight can handle a lot and still retain a finesse side.

Gorge Fly Shop has a good stock on hand and great deals of some incredible Sage 7 weights.

Sage Bolt
The Sage Bolt is a strong, ultra fast rod. It has great lifting power to move large flies. In the right hands it can throw tight loops and long distance. It's a great tool to fight tough conditions including wind and wind resistant flies.

Sage Accel
The Sage Accel is a perfect example of what happens when a previous version of graphite is wrapped and finished with current technology to create an outcome that is an absolute winner. The moderate fast action of the Accel is comfortable, accurate and responsive. It's a rod that anyone will enjoy casting.

Sage Salt
The Sage Salt 7 weight is a clear favorite in the series. Streamer anglers noticed right away that this rod did not need to be confined to salt alone. It has a sneaky fast tip and flexes more in the mid sections. Key characteristics are fast action but with a mod-fast feel, excellent control and dead on accuracy.

I highlighted the 7 weights but we also have some other great sizes including some Accel Two Hand models.

Find these great Sage deals at "The Gorge"

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