May 16, 2018

RIO - Behind the Brand with Simon Gawesworth

RIO - Behind The Brand - Simon Gawesworth
"Casting, That's my real drug! Everything to me is about the cast. The cast is the one skill you can control." Simon Gawesworth

I get a lot of inspiration from Simon Gawesworth in this RIO video.
On one hand lakes are something I tend to ignore for trout fishing. Why? I don't know but I want to change that and set aside some time to take advantage of this type of trout fishing.

The next inspiring scene is Simon talking about the cast. "The cast is the one skill you can control." I find the better I understand casting the more I want to know. It's a constant strive to master casting and with that comes a never ending desire to continue to learn and improve. I never want to be able to say "I know all I need to know about fly casting." To me that would be the end of my passion.

The biggest inspiration for me comes in watching Simon cast. Great filming of single hand spey cast. Seeing these single hand cast really inspires me to continue learning the art of total line control with a single hand fly rod. The freedom one can achieve with a simple emerger rig, no indicator, tight line and learning how to manipulate flies for aggressive strikes is above and beyond controlled standards found in much of today's fly fishing.

I've been working with a single hand Sage X 597-4 fly rod with a RIO Single Handed Spey 3D F/H/I Fly line equipped with a 9ft leader and pair of soft hackle flies. The combination has helped me find incredible freedom in a simplistic way of fly fishing. Skilled while uncomplicated!


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