May 3, 2018

Recipe - Lemon Pepper Grilled Walleye

In my young years fishing and camping in the north country I learned to cook walleye with an easy uncomplicated method. Today, it's my favorite way to enjoy this tasty fish.

All you need is a grill, walleye, lemon pepper and salt.

Filet your fish as you normally do but leave intact the skin and scales. Season well with salt and lemon pepper. Lay your filet skin side down on hot grill. Cook through without flipping until meat turns flaky and easy pulls away from skin. It's ready to serve. Eat it right off the skin. Discard skin when done.

Besides being pure healthy meal the beauty of this method is that the skin itself serves as the divider between your fish and fire. It serves as your pan. It also keeps all that meat together for easy serving. The meat easily pulls away from skin with a fork. When you're done just discard the skin. No oil, messy batters and pans to clean up.

I'll also suggest serving your fish with some veggies cooked in foil over the grill. It's a great compliment to an already healthy meal. Change it up with Cajun spices or garlic and butter. The choice is yours. It doesn't have to be just walleye, I've also had good success with this cooking method for crappie, white bass, bluegill and perch.


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