Apr 23, 2018

Sage X - 7 weight - Fly Rod Review

As a streamer angler, my 7 weight rods are my best friends. There's something about the 7 weight size that seems to inhabit that magic space between strength and finesse. Light and comfortable yet strong and willing. To compliment the 7 weight size comes a wide assortment of lines for all purposes. Floating, shooting, sinking, long and short tapers. Whatever you need you can find in a 7 weight.

I remember several years ago writing in some blog post about the Sage ONE 790-4. It was voted hands down the favorite rod in the whole quiver from that years saltwater trip. It's hard to even make a statement such as, "that's still a great rod today" as if it's in the distant past.

But to be able to say that about a rod from the past could only be "justified" if in fact we have a better replacement for it today. This article wouldn't make much sense if I didn't feel like I have a better tool to talk about. My latest fly rod quiver has once again produced a magic wand! And guess what...It's a 7 weight!

Meet Sage X 790-4

As I stood on the riverbank casting across stream, I looked up to watch my fly line unroll tight loops. I know my own casting ability and that tight loop was not all coming from me. And let me just state for the record...I wasn't casting no dry fly. The fly on the end of my leader is called a headbanger for a reason.

One thing I noticed while casting this rod is I needed to re-train myself a bit. I kept wanting to push harder than necessary when all I needed to do was relax and trust the rod to deliver the cast I asked for. Trust it and it will deliver! And it did cast after cast.

Light in hand, I scale weighted my Sage X 790-4 fly rod at 3.4 oz. Besides being light on the static weight it also has a very light feeling swing weight. To compliment the package I went with a Lamson Litespeed Micra 5 #3 fly reel.

At this time I've worked with two different lines on my 7 weight X. The RIO Intouch Streamer Tip, intermediate version and Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro. The streamer tip is a short shooting head line that functions great out of a boat. It makes easy work of one shot casts and carries a streamer very well. Anadro is a long taper line which gives the angler a lot of line control on the water with situations such as roll casting and cross stream mends. Beauty of the Sage X 7 weight is the line choice didn't effect the rods performance at all. Short casts were easily performed, mid length casts are completely dialed and long casts are absolutely achievable.

Final Statement...

Streamer anglers put high demands on fly rods. The difference between success and failure is a tight tolerance which demands precision. We as anglers need to hone our craft with unwavering dedication. But I warn you, do not handicap yourself with tools that don't utilize your full potential. I found a magic wand, I hope you find one too.

Greg Darling 

"My Passion For Fishing Is A Lifelong Pursuit Of Discovery"

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