Apr 1, 2018

Ross Gunnison Fly Reels - New for 2018

Mention the name Gunnison and you might think of the famous gorge in southern Colorado or possibly your first Ross Fly Reel. Whichever it is the name Gunnison revels in deep tradition and known for it's ruggedness.

New for 2018, Ross has reinvented this tradition with an all new Gunnison Fly Reel. While retaining its tradition looks the new Gunnison comes to modern age of fly fishing with totally new internal features.

Built off the new Evolution LTX's drag platform the new Gunnison incorporates a stacked disc system capable of extreme pressures.

Machined frame and spool from 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy, quick release spool, easy left/right conversion and limited lifetime warranty all make the new Gunnison even more rugged and reliable then your first Gunnison fly reel.

Specs - 
ModelDiameterWidthWeightRod wtLine
4/53.48"0.97"6.29 oz4/5WF5+70yds/20#
5/63.83"1.08"6.70 oz5/6WF6+95yds/20#
7/84.03"1.10"7.36 oz7/8WF8+150yds/20#

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