Apr 27, 2018

C.F. Burkheimer Saltwater Fly Rods

Left to right: Saltwater Classic Finish, Saltwater Titanium Finish
If you're looking to start a fly rod conversation just mention C. F. Burkheimer in your fly fishing circle and let the talk begin. Burkheimer fly rods carry more mystique then most boutique rods you've ever heard of.
The topic of this article is the Burkheimer Saltwater Series. This Series can be separated into three models including Saltwater, Tarpon and Bluewater.

The Salt, some of the most demanding fishing on Earth calls for the most exacting rods. You've just found them!

Advanced designs and strong reinforcement ensures these rods are tough enough to handle whatever the big water can bring. We use strong, over-sized stripping guides with silicone carbide inserts as well as hard-chromed snake guides and tip tops. Our heavy-duty, saltwater reel seats feature delrin lined hoods that won't loosen up during critical moments in the battle. CF Burkheimer saltwater models aren't just freshwater designs with corrosion resitant reel seats. These rods are designed from the deck-up to make the toughest casts in the windiest conditions. They load quickly and shoot heavy flies through the wind with authority and ease. They respond immediately to changes in direction, and cast with point-and-shoot accuracy the first time. Because when you finally see those tails working, the last thing to worry about is the rod.

Saltwater models come in 6 thru 10 weights. These are the models to reach for when fishing for Permit, Bonefish, Redfish and Snook.

Tarpon models are for as the name implies,"Tarpon". If you battle Tarpon you're well aware of the extreme requirements needed to cast, hook and land these incredible fish. Burkheimer designed these rods to complete the process

Bluewater. Only one rod in this series and why would you need more choices. The 1488-4 will take on any bluewater species you can connect too.

Choose the build - 
C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Co. offers two distinct builds for Saltwater rods: a Classic build and a Titanium build. The rod blanks are identical in all builds, the differences are aesthetic.

No matter if you choose Classic build or Titanium build Burkheimer Saltwater fly rods feature top quality finish and components.

Options - You also have many options to customize your rod to your desires. Extra Tips, Fighting handles, blank colors and more. Our website offers a couple of these options but for most custom orders we prefer to talk to you and make sure you get what you want.

Remember Burkheimers are built "one of a kind, one at a time". No mass production.

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