Apr 14, 2018

Airflo Streamer Max Long Fly Lines

Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long takes flies deep with an aggressive sinking head and full intermediate running line. Level out your approach!

Sinking lines get your fly to the target and keep them in the zone while aggressively stripping line. This lines smooth transition from full sink to intermediate running line keeps you in direct contact when working the fly.

Features -
  • Taper: Powerful big fly taper
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: WF6/7 – WF8/9
  • Coating: Ridged
  • Running Line: 200gr (pale mint), 250gr (pale peach), 300gr (lichen)
Specs -
Line SizeColorHead WeightHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
WF6/7Black/Pale Mint200gr40ft7.5 ips100ft 
WF7/8Black/Pale Peach250gr40ft8 ips100ft 
WF8/9Black/Lichen300gr40ft8.5 ips100ft 

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