Mar 27, 2018

Ross Evolution LTX Fly Reels - New for 2018

The Ross Evolution Fly Reels has built a solid reputation for lightweight and durable. The recent past model Evolution LT had a very successful long run in the fly fishing market place.

New for 2018, Ross Evolution LTX. Keeping the light weight feel of the LT while combining performance from the Evolution R resulted in a super light fly reel, with ultra smooth, powerful drag and large arbor performance.

Specs - 
ModelDiameterWidthWeightRod wtLine
3/43.42"0.97"4.20 oz3/4WF3+60yds/20#
4/53.48"0.97"4.29 oz4/5WF5+70yds/20#
5/63.83"1.08"4.65 oz5/6WF6+95yds/20#
7/84.03"1.10"4.91 oz7/8WF8+150yds/20#

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