Mar 6, 2018

RIO's How To, S2 E5: How To Make A Single Handed Spey Cast

Simon really hits the nail on the head in this short video. If you think "Spey" is not for you...Think Again! Spey tactics is about casting and making cast that traditional overhead tactics cannot effectively achieve.

This video fits so perfect with my recent article Single Handed Skagit - How to get started.
While I focus on single hand skagit all the same principles apply.

The line Simon uses is RIO'S InTouch Single Hand Spey. The taper of this line allows for effective rod loading in order to make spey cast. It also is very good overhead casting line. What makes this line different then a skagit system is the Single Hand Spey is designed to use with standard trout leaders and not intended to be used with sink tips like a skagit system is.

I really like how Simon breaks the spey cast down to a roll cast. His explanation of, in order to change direction of a roll cast you must move the train tracks. When setting up a spey cast my first thought is on how to "set up" in order to cast in the intended direction. The cast itself is basically a roll cast. I find the more one become comfortable making roll casts the easier spey casting will come to them. Think about this the next time you are trying to learn to spey cast: How good is my roll cast? If it's not good neither will your spey cast be good.

Greg Darling 

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