Mar 9, 2018

Redington Predator Fly Rods

My first Redington Predator was a 8710-4. That rod caught a lot of fish. I loaned to my nephew and haven't seen it since. But no big deal because I know it's still catching a lot of fish.

Many anglers today are taking advantage of the advancements the fly fishing industry has offered and are casting flies to species that don't respond to bugs! Bass, Pike, Musky, Big Browns, Tarpon, Snook and whatever else that swims and eats other things that swim including mice, rats, snakes and forage fish.

Predator got some refinements for 2017 and in 2018 Redington added big water Predators in 1291, 1481 and 1681 sizes.
Predator is an ultimate rod for big flies, big lines and big fish. They are fast action, powerful blanks that when line loaded properly provide intuitive feel. Predator rods respond well to lines like RIO InTouch Outbound Short, RIO Tarpon Qucikshooter or RIO Coastal Quickshooter XP.
The all-new PREDATOR is the ultimate fly rod for big flies, heavy lines, and aggressive fighting fish. It features a powerful, intuitive fast action that commands enough power to combat big gamefish and pick up and cast today's heavy lines and massive flies. Its action is designed to perform in both freshwater and saltwater scenarios, and all components are saltwater-ready. The PREDATOR family encompasses models ranging from spooky-bonefish duty 5-weights to tarpon-ready 12-weights, including unique specialty models like a 7'10" 8-weight and dedicated PIKE and MUSKY models with extended fighting butts for boatside figure-eights.

Features -
  • Intuitive fast action 
  • Dialed in-hand balance for lightweight feel and responsive casting 
  • Anodized machined aluminum reel seat, ideal for all water conditions 
  • Laser-etched model reference on reel seat for quick rod identification 
  • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking 
  • Includes species-specific PIKE and MUSKY models 
  • Aluminum oxide stripping guides with ceramic inserts and hard wire anodized snake guides for durability 
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup 
  • Durable cordura rod tube with built in rod dividers 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • New 12, 14, and 16-weight models for 2018
Specs - 
ModelHandleLine Wt. LengthRod Wt. (oz)
1091-4 PikeD10/400gr9'0"4.9
1191-4 MuskyD11/450gr9'0"5.2

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