Mar 12, 2018

Hatch Nippers

It's a lot of money for a quality pair of nippers but you probably thought the same thing about your first pair of quality sunglasses. Would you go back to cheap sunglasses? Neither will I! I say the same thing about quality nippers, never going back.

Hatch Nippers are high quality and ergonomically designed. They are easy to operate wet or cold, with or without gloves on.

But what makes nippers worth it?
  • First, "they work." Clean precise cuts every time that does not fade with wear or age, and even if you do wear them out the Tungsten Carbide cutters are replaceable. 
  • Built in hook eye cleaner. Always there when you need it
  • Great Lanyard! I'm done with pin on reel re-tractors and the coil cord ones are only marginally better. The Hatch lanyard is simple, comfortable and puts the nippers were you need them.

Get the dirt on Nippers - Fly Fishing Nipper Review

I'm going to go one step further here and say this: Quality nippers become part of your fly fishing tool box...they go were you go. You depend on them like you depend on your rod, reel and fly line. Attach them to your pack with a carabiner when traveling and you'll never lose them.

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