Feb 23, 2018

Korkers I-Drain Guard Socks - Devils River Worthy

Three days on the Devils River

Product Tested...Angler Approved

I luv wet wading! I don't luv neoprene guard socks. They never want to dry out, hard to get on and off, and after three straight days of use one starts to question microbial status.

Summer 2017, I spent three days on the Devils River in Texas. Without hesitation, one of the best float trips an angler can do.

With this 3 day float trip already planned and having just seen the, New for 2018, Korkers I-Drain Guard Socks at I-CAST/IFTD show in July I contacted our Korkers Rep and inquired to when they may be available hoping it would be in time for this trip. Not yet was the answer but I was offered to use the Reps sample pair and they just happened to be my size.

Why do guard socks need to drain

Wet wading requires in and out of water often. It's a very mobile fishing environment. Socks that don't drain are constantly swishing and sloshing. Hard to maintain any kind of stealth with all that going on. Also non-draining socks are really difficult to get on and off. They get like vacuumed sealed to your feet. Non-draining socks can also get to warm. Without circulation wade socks can heat up and turn into a swamp.

What I found with the Korkers I-Drain is they circulate excellent thereby helping to maintain a comfortable foot temperature. Because they drain they are easier to remove at end of the day.

I paired the Korkers I-Drain Guard Socks with Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boots. Just realized how appropriate it would have been to have Korkers Devils Canyon wading boots on the Devils River, Texas.

This combination of Korkers Wading Boots and Korkers I-Drain Guard Socks really compliment each others strengths by utilizing Korkers Internal Drainage Technology in their boots which passes water in and out through the bottom of the soles along with the Korkers I-Drain Guard Sock Airprene technology which passes water in and out through the perforated foot bed. Water literally enters as you enter water and exits as you exit the water. No shooting out the sides of boots and no sloshing out top of sock, and no swamp foot. Just easy, quiet flow in and out.

My only concern going into this was...is dirt and grit going to enter these socks. My concerns was laid to rest at the end of the first day. The perforated Airprene does not show visible holes for dirt to enter. After three days, no dirt.

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