Jan 28, 2018

Waterworks Lamson Cobalt Fly Reels - New for 2018

The Waterworks Lamson Cobalt is one of the coolest new reels I've seen come along lately. Underneath the stunning clean looks is hiding a ocean flats full of new technology. I don't even know where to begin.

Notice no counterbalance

If you look closely at the handle, then navigate your eyes toward the opposite side of the spool. Notice the asymmetrical rim of the spool. The weight needed for counterbalance is machined into the spool rim itself thus eliminating the need for additional parts.
While here let me go ahead and note the addition of a spool lock down thumb nut, a required feature to be considered truly saltwater worthy.

Certified Waterproof

While all Lamson reels are o-ring sealed, which keeps out the majority of water and debris, the new Cobalt utilizes custom formulated self-lubrication o-rings and has been certified waterproof to depth of 100 meters. Looking at the front of the arbor you see one of many orange o-rings.

The Guts

Lamson took their well known conical drag system and supercharged it into a sealed 12+ pound line out torque system which rides on High Precision Ceramic Ball Bearings and Utilizes high temp graphite alloy.
To adjust this system Lamson made it full range with one revolution of the drag knob. To further enhance the functionality Cobalt utilizes a "set drag" design which allows an angler to set his preferred stripping pressure against the full off stop position and yet still retain full range of torque in half pound increments. In basic terms you get to decide what your zero drag setting is.

Embedded Foot

By embedding the reel foot both strength and reel seat relationship is improved and creates extremely efficient force transmission.

Micralox Type III Anodize

Locking out the corrosion affects of saltwater is a fly fishing industry exclusive Micralox Type III Hard anodize coating creating 20 times the protection against tough saltwater environments.

Specs - 

ModelDiameterWidthWeightRod SizeLineBacking
Co - 53.85″1.0″5 oz5/6WF6100 yds 20#
Co - 84.25″1.0″7 oz7/8WF8250 yds 20#
Co - 104.53″1.08″10.3 oz9/10WF10250 yds 30#
Co - 124.75″1.25″11.1 oz11/12WF12250 yds 30#

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