Jan 23, 2018

Plan D Boat Boxes

Plan D Boat Boxes look like a lot of other boat boxes on the market UNTIL you look at the articulated fly versions. All four models are 10.5" x 8.5" x 3.25".

Plan D Boat Articulated Fly Box

Stores up to 56 of your favorite articulate flies. Depending on the length of your flies you might even have some middle room left over for some single hook traditional patterns.

Plan D Boat 50/50 Fly Box

Have it both ways with one side for articulated patterns and the other side wide open with slit foam.

Plan D Boat Plus Fly Box

Now we're getting crazy. Imagine this box full of steelhead or salmon candy. Maybe brown trout is your thing. Whatever it is it will be great fun filling this versatile box.

Plan D Boat Standard

And if standard slit foam covers your needs then Plan D has that too...

See the entire collection of Plan D Fly Boxes at GorgeFlyShop.com
"The Gorge"

The Gorge Fly Shop Team


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