Jan 21, 2018

Hareline Premium Fly Tying Kit

New from Hareline...Premium Fly Tying Kit

We usually steer new tyers away from kits because if you really take up tying most of the stuff in kits ends up replaced with better quality items. This is not necessarily the case with this new Hareline Premium Kit.

First up is the materials. The materials included are the same quality material you would buy off the shelf and not some old stock or cheap quality mass sourced material. That's very important for a good start to quality productive fly tying.

Next is the tools. Quality, well known Griffin tools is what you get with this kit. These tools would serve you well into your future of tying.

The vise is pretty good. I'm going to tell you the way it is here...if you get serious about tying you will get serious about a vise. Eventually you will buy a Regal, Renzetti, or another top quality brand. Anybody who ties flies will eventually step up on the vise. But with that said the vise that comes with this kit is effective and easy to operate. It will get you off to a good start and also make a good hand me down to a son or daughter.

Normally we talk anglers away from kits but the Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit with Premium Tools and Vise is the exception to the rule.

"The Gorge"

The Gorge Fly Shop Team


"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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