Sep 25, 2017

G.Loomis IMX PRO - Purpose Driven

Built to the unrelenting specifications of professional fishing guides, the IMX-PRO series is comprised of 15 purpose driven designs to meet the performance demands of modern freshwater fishing. Striking the ultimate balance of handsome appointments, positive feel, and unflinching durability, IMX-PRO is a game-changing addition to the serious angler's quiver.


I personally award this new rod series as "Best Mid Priced Rod Ever" While I've been informed before the term "ever", should never be used but I think an exception needs to be made in this case in order to drive my point. The IMX PRO performs like a top class rod. Load feel, swing weight, power and speed all precisely match a PRO level caster preferences. This has been accomplished by putting the R&D in the material makeup and refinement of rod tapers. With a technology G Loomis refers to as Conduit Core Loomis is able to reduce material in key ares yet retain strength and efficiency. IMX PRO rods are referred to as guide tools because guides will rate their rods more on performance and less on how much titanium nano resin sauce is dripping from them. Besides standard four piece offerings the series also include two 1-piece streamer rods and a full series of Short Spey (not switch) rods.

Source - Greg's Top Picks from IFTD / ICAST 2017


IMX-PRO is light in the right spots. Traditionally, as the blank diameter increased, so did the total amount of material. This was the only way to ensure strength and durability in the ferrules and bottom half of the rod. Utilizing a marriage of a new scrim material and resin system, CONDUIT CORE technology reduces the amount of graphite while maintaining our unsurpassed standard of durability. The result is a reduction in weight, better balance, and superb energy transfer through the blank. This improves efficiency, and reduces fatigue in fishing situations that require the animation of chunky flies, popping, chugging, stack mending, reach casting, and other repetitive motion.


Conduit Core Technology Multi-Taper Design Fuji stripper guides Chrome single-foot guides Micro full wells grip on moels 696-4 and smaller Standard full wells grip models 790-4 and larger Custom reel seat (Salt friendly on 5100-4 and larger models) Cordura rod tube and rod sock Hand-crafted in Woodland, Washington USA


Purpose driven designs built to excel at modern trout fishing techniques. From a dry fly perspective, these sticks can handle everything from impossibly small flies on long leaders to chub/rub set-ups in the wind. When it's time to get dirty, the 9'6 and 10' models cast, mend and set heavy indicator rigs with ease. The new IMX-PRO series offers the perfect balance of line speed, power and finesse.

IMX-PRO 486-448'6FAST4A$495.00
IMX-PRO 590-459'FAST4A$495.00
IMX-PRO 5100-4510'FAST4A$495.00
IMX-PRO 690-469'FAST4A$495.00
IMX-PRO 696-469'6FAST4A$495.00
IMX-PRO 7100-4710'FAST4B$495.00

IMX-PRO Streamer

The IMX-PRO Streamer series was built for those addicted to chasing truly large fish with massive articulated streamers. A powerful tip section handles lifting and animating the fly while the mid section aids in smooth casting with sinking lines and big bugs. The IMX PRO-1’s one-piece design shaves ferrule weight and minimizes shear points for “streamer junkie approved” strength-to-weight meat chucking performance.”

IMX-PRO 790-479'FAST4B$495.00
IMX-PRO 890-489'FAST4B$495.00
IMX-PRO 7810-178'10FAST1B$495.00
IMX-PRO 8810-188'10FAST1B$495.00

Designed to address the modern era of short format Skagit and Scandi heads, the IMX-PRO ShortSpey family has you covered for everything from swinging soft hackles in your favorite caddis riffle to chucking intruders on secret winter steelhead haunts. True Spey action = Short and sweet.
IMX-PRO 31111-4311'11MED-FAST4C$575.00
IMX-PRO 41111-4411'11MED-FAST4C$575.00
IMX-PRO 51111-4511'11MED-FAST4C$575.00
IMX-PRO 61111-4611'11MED-FAST4D$575.00
IMX-PRO 71111-4711'11MED-FAST4D$575.00
*10'10 models coming in 2018

Shipping to our door on 9/25/2017

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